All Endwalker Gemstone Trader vendor locations in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Gemstone traders in Final Fantasy XIV are beneficial for you to obtain various resources and materials you might be looking for in the game. There are Gemstone Traders for each region, and you’ll be able to find them in the Endwalker expansion, especially if you want to hunt down any of a region’s resources to improve your crafting skills or offer them on the marketboard. In this guide, we will cover all Endwalker Gemstone Trader vendor locations in Final Fantasy XIV.

You can find a Gemstone Trader in each region. These are the coordinates for each Gemstone Trader in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion.

  • Elpis: (X:24.4, Y:23.5)
  • Garlemald: (X:12.9, Y:30.1)
  • Labyrinthos: (X:29.9, Y:13.1)
  • Mare Lamentorum: (X:21.8, Y:12.2)
  • Thavnair: (X:25.8, Y:34.7)
  • Ultima Thule: (X:30.7, Y:28.2)

Each Gemstone Trader will have a unique series of items that you can purchase from their vendor. They do not accept Gil. Instead, you’ll need to purchase their items by collecting Bicolor Gemstones. You can acquire Bicolor Gemstones by completing any FATEs that appear in the Endwalker regions.

These FATEs appear throughout an area, and they’re only available for a limited time. If you arrive and contribute enough to finish it, you’ll receive Gil and several Bicolor Gemstones. You’ll receive more by roaming around with other Final Fantasy XIV players and completing them together.

The more Bicolor Gemstones you have, the more items you can receive from these vendors. You can bounce around the various Endwalker regions to collect the items you need to progress in your crafting levels or offer these resources to the marketboard to other players searching for them.