All Euro 2021 codes in Knockout City

Root for your favorite team in Euro 2021.

Image via Velan Studios

Players can now show their support to their favorite Euro 2021 team in Knockout City. Velan Studios has released player icon codes of all the teams that have made it into the Round of 16 phase of Euro 2021. Each code unlocks the flag icon of the respective country that players can use as their player icon.

How to redeem Euro 2021 codes in Knockout City

To redeem a code in Knockout City, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Knockout City and go to the Main Menu and click on More.
  • Select the redeem code option.
  • Enter the 20 character code.
  • Hit the Submit button to claim your reward.

Euro 2021 codes redeemable in Knockout City:

The validity of these codes is unknown but expect it to work until July 11, when Euro 2021 officially ends. Players should note that these codes will net them player icons and not crew icons. Hence, any player can roll out with the icon irrespective of the crew icon selected by the crew leader.

  • FL5V-NFAB-9AXV-9UV8-U4CW – Austria
  • CNRR-WPM8-5ZWU-3DZP-ZYVK – Belgium 
  • HGRH-4PJQ-V95S-BRP2-BU4B – Croatia
  • FHZ9-Z36L-29NH-8NZR-DXDR – Czech Republic
  • 6UDV-9JED-69N9-GLMX-H5RE – Denmark
  • HLSA-JDQH-SPG3-J9VC-JJXB – England
  • F2XX-9RV2-EJ6X-52BY-FBXK – France
  • 5E5M-VPMX-64AJ-SX5Y-J6E6– Germany
  • 7WAA-4D2A-ZTFF-BZTV-HQZH – Italy 
  • 2EFP-4WB4-WLDT-AUPP-BSLA – Netherlands
  • 3LKT-8GTY-FWPV-BC2Z-NAEL – Portugal
  • AFUC-H5GA-TXXW-93QQ-YL5R – Spain
  • 2UZR-Z9WW-PN95-93XN-XAAD – Sweden
  • ANF7-2QQS-4WXS-YBYK-YBKX – Switzerland
  • A7EE-9YMB-BHNQ-KZ9B-G8L2 – Ukraine
  • 4V5V-GTAH-TAZY-5UD9-GEFX – Wales

Apart from the Euro 2021 player icon codes, Knockout City’s first-ever event, Heatwave, is also live. Players can compete in the event and collect exclusive Heatwave cosmetics, including new outfits, hairstyles, and glasses.