All features in Undisputed – Create-a-fighter, story mode, and more

What do we know so far?

Image via Steel City Interactive

Steel City Interactive’s new boxing title, Undisputed (formerly known as eSports Boxing Club), is currently in the development stage. Because of that, we don’t know a whole lot about the title, but Steel City has already given some indications as to what boxing enthusiasts can expect from the new game. The developer has already stated multiple features that are in the works, as part of the promotion for the title.

So, what features can gamers expect from Undisputed? Let’s go over what features that we know will be in the new title.

Undisputed features list

  • Real-life venues, includes gyms, arenas, and outdoor stages from around the world
  • Character movements that simulate real-life boxing footwork
  • “High quality models” that have been scanned by Ten24, which has worked on Death Stranding and Baldur’s Gate 3, among other titles
  • Career mode filled with Customization options
  • Officially licensed boxing attire, including gloves, boots, and shorts
  • Ability to manage fighter’s weight and injuries in Career mode
  • Career skill traits and the ability to unlock new moves and characteristics as career progression occurs
  • An “advanced feint system” that will enable players to try and throw the opponent off-guard
  • Retirement system in Career mode
  • Commentary from BT Sports’ Paul Dempsey, Sky Sports’ Johnny Nelson, and DAZN announcer Todd Grisham

Keep in mind that this is just the initial list of things that we know will be in Undisputed. More details will most likely be made public in the near future, as the release dates of the early access and full versions of the title near closer and closer. This guide will be updated to reflect any new additions announced by Steel City Interactive.