eSports Boxing Club roster – Full list of playable boxers

Time to step into the ring.

After years without a simulation boxing video game, United Kingdom-based Steel City Interactive city is looking to change that. eSports Boxing Club, a title currently in the works, will seek to fill the void left by EA’s Fight Night franchise and provide fans with an authentic boxing experience.

Steel City Interactive has already made many big promises to gamers, such as taking boxing to the next-generation with fluid animations and clean graphics. The developer has also made numerous deals to include the names and likenesses of current and former boxers. So which boxers are going to be in eSports Boxing Club? Here are the boxers that we know will be in the title so far.

eSports Boxing Club roster

Male Boxers

  • Aadam Hamed
  • Alex Dilmaghani
  • Alexander Povetkin
  • Andres Campos
  • Andrew Moloney
  • Anthony Crolla
  • Arturo Gatti
  • Charlie Edwards
  • Chris John
  • Conor Benn
  • Damien Chambers
  • Dalton Smith
  • David Adeleye
  • Eddie Hall
  • Enzo Maccarinelli
  • George Davey
  • George Groves
  • Glenn McCrory
  • Henry Wharton (Boxer)
  • Hopey Price
  • Israil Madrimov
  • Javier Fortuna
  • Jason Moloney
  • Jeison Rosario
  • ‘Smokin’ Joe Frazier
  • Joe Joyce
  • Johnny Nelson
  • Jono Carroll
  • Jordan Gill
  • Josh Taylor
  • Josh Warrington
  • Kid Galahad
  • Lee McGregor
  • Lerrone Richards
  • Levi Kinsiona
  • Lyndon Arthur
  • Mark Reyes Jr.
  • Michael McKinson
  • ‘Irish’ Micky Ward
  • Mitchell Barton
  • Mosey Auimatagi
  • Nigel Ward
  • Patrick Rokohl
  • Ricky Hatton
  • Robert Helenius
  • Robin Reid
  • Rosendo Alvarez
  • Ryan Rhodes
  • Scott Quigg
  • Sergio Martinez
  • Shane Mosley Jr.
  • Sunny Edwards
  • Tommy Morrison

Female Boxers

  • Ebanie Bridges
  • Natasha Johns
  • Sophie Alisch
  • Shannon Courtenay
  • Terri Harper


  • Ben Davison
  • Dave Coldwell
  • Eddy Reynoso
  • Frank Greaves
  • Grant Smith
  • Henry Wharton (Coach)
  • Joe Gallagher


  • Joe DeGuardia
  • Lee Eaton
  • Lou DiBella
  • Tony Toli


  • Craig Stephen
  • Cynthia Conte
  • Paul Dempsey
  • Ryan O’Hara
  • Todd Grisham


  • Jamie Sheldon
  • Ian Johnson

Note that eSports Boxing Club is currently in the development stage, and more boxers are expected to be announced in the near future. This guide will be updated in the future if new fighters are added to the game.

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Note: This roster reflects all boxers, promoters, coaches, and cutmen that have been announced as of January 26, 2021.