All fish you can catch in Cult of the Lamb

There is always time to sneak some fishing in.

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It seems like every game needs a fishing mechanic these days and Cult of the Lamb is no different. The fish that you catch as the adorable and possessed leader of your own fledgling cult help you complete missions, feed your cult members, and make money by selling them on the offering market. Here is a list of all the fish in Cult of the Lamb and how to increase your odds of catching them.

Cult of the Lamb – all fish and how to catch them

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Unlike many similar games, there is only one place to go fishing in Cult of the Lamb. After you’ve encountered the fisherman in one of the random dungeons, you’ll have the option of heading to the Pilgrim’s Passage and spending a bit of time fishing. Different fish spawn each day, so there is an element of luck to catching a specific one you’re after, but the mechanics of fishing will be immediately familiar to anyone who has played Stardew Valley.

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You’ll see shadows moving around in the water at Pilgrim’s Passage. The size of the shadow will give you an indication of what fish is lurking just below the water. There is still an element of randomness at play here, but it can at least help you narrow it down. Typically, only one or two large shadows will appear each day, severely limiting the odds of finding the more valuable fish in the game.

The table below will tell you what fish you’ll find in each type of shadow.

FishShadow Size

If you aren’t finding the fish you’re looking for, you can also buy any of the fish other than minnows and salmon from the fisherman in the Pilgrim’s Passage, though they will charge you a premium for them. There are also certain Tarot Cards that cause enemies to drop fish when defeated.