How to unlock Tarot cards in Cult of the Lamb

Add unique twists to your build.

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Tarot cards are some of the best ways to survive your encounters with enemies and bosses in Cult of the Lamb. You obtain them as you progress through areas, finding the Tarot Card reader, or you might get lucky and loot one from a chest. You begin the game with a handful available to you, and there are several more waiting for you to unlock as you go through the game. This guide covers how to unlock Tarot cards and add more to your collection in Cult of the Lamb.

Where you can find more Tarot cards in Cult of the Lamb

The best way we’ve been able to locate new Tarot cards we can unlock is by finding them at shops during our runs. The shopkeeper has a chance of having them on display in their tent, and they will cost you a decent amount of Gold to purchase. Once you buy the item, they will be added to your collection, and they have a chance to appear in future runs while you’re battling the many Heretics in Cult of the Lamb. We encourage you to go out of your way to visit these shop tents to see what they have available to you.

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In addition, there are a handful of quests you can complete in Cult of the Lamb that will reward you with Tarot cards. You can acquire these quests by exploring the game and speaking with the NPCs you encounter along the way. They may ask you to acquire specific resources or to find items to bring back to them. After you complete the quest, the Tarot card goes into your collection, and they will be available whenever you visit the Tarot Card reader or, if you’re lucky, when opening chests.

Another way we’ve found to unlock them is by going to different areas on the world map such as the fisherman’s wharf and buying them from those shops. Each shop has three Tarot cards you can buy, though they will cost you a pretty penny.

It may take a bit of exploration for you to find these cards, but there are plenty for you to unlock and add to your arsenal. Each provides a unique benefit; you never know when you will need them when you’re battling the Bishops and leading your Cult.