All Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Rare Quests/Milestone Quests

The XP extravaganza.

Screenshot via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has arrived, and with it comes the usual jostle of quests and challenges that we need to complete. These Rare quests are hugely important and can result in players earning a massive amount of experience just from playing the game.

Experience can be earned by simply catching fish or helping teammates, or carrying out dozens of simply functions that are simply part of a Fortnite match. Each one is split into 5 tiers, with each tier requiring a different amount of times the specific action must be repeated before earning the next lump of experience. Each tier is worth 12,000 XP, so keep that in mind.

Rare QuestTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Assist Teammates with Eliminates52050100250
Catch Fish31550125250
Collect Animal Bones255050010002500
Collect Gold1000250050001000025000
Collect Meat255050010002500
Collect Nuts and Bolts255050010002500
Complete Bounties5255075100
Complete Common Quests102550100250
Complete Epic Quests510255075
Complete Legendary Quests310204060
Complete Rare Quests102550100200
Complete Uncommon Quests102550100250
Craft Weapons1050100250500
Deal Damage From Above10005000100002500050000
Damage Opponents50002500075000150000500000
Damage to Vehicles With a Player Inside250100050001000020000
Destroy Shrubs2550100250500
Destroy Stones251002505001000
Destroy Trees10025050010002500
Distance Traveled on Foot2500075000150000350000500000
Don Creature Disguises32550100200
Eliminations From 150m or More3102550100
Eliminations With an Assault Rifle3102575150
Eliminations With Common or Uncommon Weapons525100250500
Eliminations With Explosives3102575150
Head Shot Eliminations32550100200
Eliminations With Pistols3102575150
Players Eliminated525100250500
Eliminations With Shotguns3102575150
Eliminations With SMGs3102575150
Eliminations With Sniper Rifles3102575150
Distance Traveled Gliding10002500100002500050000
Harpoon Eliminations13102550
Harvest Stone25001000025000100000250000
Hit Weakpoints100100025001000020000
Hunt Animals10502505001000
Ignite Opponents With Fire310255075
Ignite Structures With Fire2550100200500
Consume Apples102550100250
Consume Bananas102550100250
Use Campfires31550100150
Consume Foraged Items1050100250500
Consume Mushrooms102550100250
Melee Eliminations5255075100
Sofas, Beds, or Chairs Destroyed With a Pickaxe2550100250500
Melee Damage to Structures5002500100002500050000
Mod Vehicles13102550
Place Top 101025100200300
Reboot Teammates25102550
Revive Teammates52550100250
Search Ammo Boxes5025050010002500
Search Chests5025050010002500
Search Ice Machines52575150300
Search Supply Drops5102550100
Shakedown Opponents52550100200
Spend Gold Bars10002500500025000100000
Distance Travelled While Swimming1000250050001000025000
Tame Animals52550100200
Thank the Bus Driver102550100200
Upgrade Weapons5102550100
Use Bandages and Medkits251002505001000
Use Shield Potions251002505001000
Use Fishing Spots51575150300
Player Structures Destroyed While in a Vehicle32575150300
Distance Traveled While in a Vehicle50002500075000150000500000