All Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 6 seasonal quests and challenges

Battle Stars incoming.

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Week 6 of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 brings more Seasonal quests to be completed. There are 9 seasonal quests for players to finish by traveling the map. Doing so will earn you XP toward your Battle Pass, and allow you to earn Battle Stars that can be used to unlock all manner of skins and in-game cosmetics and items. Each completed challenge is worth 25,000 XP, for a total of 225,000 XP.

There are multiple types of challenges this year to add to the weekly seasonal challenges. There are Milestone challenges that players will be able to easily complete by playing the game, along with specific challenges for different characters each week. We will update this guide with the rewards for each quest as soon as they are available.

Chapter 3 Season 1 Week 6 quests and challenges

  • Travel 100 meters while flying inside a tornado (0/100)
  • Damage an opponet within 30 seconds of crouching in Stealth Grass (0/1)
  • Purchase a random item from a malfuctioning vending machine (0/1)
  • Destroy Timer Pine stumps (0/3)
  • Recover health by resting in a tent (0/30)
  • Mark an enemy player using a Flare Gun (0/1)
  • Honk a car horn within 10 meters of an opponent (0/1)
  • Damage opponents with a Pistol (0/700)
  • Deal headshot damge to opponents (0/250)

While most of the weekly seasonal quests are pretty simple to complete, we have linked to any guides that we feel are relevant and helpful so you can finish them as quickly as possible.