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All Geo Seal locations at the Qingxu Pool in Genshin Impact

All five Geo Seal locations.

There is an area of Liye in Genshin Impact that you can come upon by exploring the region, called Qingxu Pool. This pool is home to a set of ruins that are heavily patrolled by mobs in the area, and house a few exploration puzzles that you can solve for rewards. One such puzzle involves five Geo Seals, that if you manage to activate them all, will reward you with a Luxurious Chest, including a Nameless Treasure for the Hidden in Nameless Treasures hidden exploration objective. Here’s how to find and solve the Geo Seal puzzle in Genshin Impact.

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Where to find all Qingxu Pool Geo Seals in Genshin Impact

Qingxu Pool can be found in the southern part of Liyue, southeast of The Chasm. With ruins overlooking the pools below, you will have to glide from one section to the other to get to all five seals. It can be a narrow fit to get to some of them, so if you miss and fall to the pools, you have to be ready to fight, because there are a lot of mobs in the area.

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There are five Geo Seals in total, and you will need to have a Geo-wielding character in your roster to activate each of them. Here’s how to find each of them:

  1. The northernmost Seal can be found on the lone ruin section near the cliffs, between two pillars. The easiest way to get to this one is to glide from the cliffs onto it, though it’s just as easy to reach from the central ruin section as well.
  2. This seal is found in a tower just west of the previous one. You can use the same methods to reach this Seal too.
  3. Found on the central ruin section, this Seal is right in front of the gravestone.
  4. Near the gravestone is a Seelie that when activated will lead you to its resting place as well as the fourth Seal, located on the south-eastern tower from the central ruin section. 
  5. You will have to go further south for the final, fifth Seal. It can be found in another tower, placed lower than the last, so the best way to get to it is to glide from one tower to the other and reach the Seal that way. 
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It is important to note that while the order we suggested above can be the easiest and most straightforward, it’s by no means required, as the Seals can be activated in any order you want. After activating the final Seal, the Luxurious Chest will spawn, letting you get your just rewards.

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