How to complete the Evernight Temple Electro Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Solve the puzzle.

Image via HoYoverse

The Evernight Temple Electro Puzzle in Genshin Impact is a puzzle found in Enkanomiya. As the name implies, this puzzle is located at the Evernight Temple portion of Enkanomiya and is found conveniently located next to a Teleport Waypoint. In order to solve this puzzle, you will need at least one Electro unit, so be sure to have one in your party before seeking this tricky puzzle out.

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Where to find the Evernight Temple Electro Puzzle

To reach this puzzle, find this Teleport Waypoint at the Evernight Temple:

Screenshot by Gamepur

After reaching the Teleport Waypoint, simply move northeast of it to come across a series of Electro monuments. Use your Electro character to trigger the puzzle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is a simple puzzle that requires you to activate the Electro monuments in a specific order. Simply activate the Electro monuments as shown in the image below to complete the puzzle. If you mess up the order, you’ll have to start over.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Note: Between the third and fifth Electro monument is an enemy spawn that forces you to fight a few Wolfhounds. Defeat the Wolfhounds before the puzzle so you don’t get interrupted while solving the puzzle.

After you solve the puzzle, you will earn an Exquisite Chest for your troubles. The chest will spawn right at the fifth monument, so head over there to claim your reward.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Exquisite Chest will drop a variety of items, including some weapons, weapon enhancement ores, artifacts, and, most importantly, 5 Primogems. Solving these puzzles and earning Primogems is a consistent way to build up your supply of money to summon for characters, so be sure to solve this puzzle once you unlock it in Enkanomiya.