All Gorger and Gatherer spawn locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

An alien presence.


As Galactus drawns over closer to the island in Fortnite, he has started to send some advanced forces. Gorgers are large machine armed with powerful blast lasers, and these spawn smaller Gatherer. While Gatherers are certainly weaker than the Gorger, they can be qutie the threat in a group.

Various challenges during Week 4 and Week 5 will task you with destroyed Gorgers and Gatherers, so it will help a lot to know where you can find them. A single Gorger will spawn during each match, and all the potential spawn locations are shown on the map below.

Gorger and Gatherer Spawns

To find the Gorgers and Gatherers, it is a good idea to jump in a Choppa as soon as you can. The Gorger will spawn in shortly after the storm forms in a match, and if you are airborne it becomes very easy to check the sites from a distance. The Gorger will causes a bright beam of red light to shoot up into the sky, making them easy to find, if you know where to look.

The Gorgers are tough to take out, you mostly need to shot them in areas that are glowing yellow. Make sure to dodge their powerful charge attack, as this will do a lot of damage to you, and has a small area-of-effect, so it it lands close to you then you will still take damage.

The Gatherers are easy to deal with, and will fall to the ground after you kill them, exploding a short time later. If you pick one up before it explodes, you can use it as a weapon, and launch some powerful charged attacks of your own.