All Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow boss locations in Elden Ring

Hear them roar.

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Every region in Elden Ring has a variety of bosses. Despite the name, only two bosses in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow are actually dragons. Still, you’re going to want to know where to find them all. Below is the full list in alphabetical order.

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All boss locations in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

Battlemage Hugues

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There’s only one Evergaol in this region, and it overlooks the Swamp of Aeonia and Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Head to the spot marked above to enter and face this boss.

Beastmen of Farum Azula

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Near the Minor Erdtree is the entrance to the Dragonbarrow Cave dungeon (marked above). Head inside to face this pair of Beastman in the final chamber.

Bell Bearing Hunter

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The Isolated Merchant’s Shack is located on the large cliff in the northwestern corner of the Dragonbarrow. Visit at night to be invaded by this boss — here’s how to beat him when he shows up.

Black Blade Kindred 

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You’ll likely encounter this boss on your way to finding the Beast Clergyman, because it stands just outside his cathedral. You’ll encounter a few of these throughout the game, but this is one of two presented as a proper boss.

Cleanrot Knights

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Similarly, there are a bunch of Cleanrot Knights in The Lands Between, but this is one of two that count as boss fights. In this instance, you’ll have to face a pair of them. They’re the bosses of the Abandoned Cave near Battlemage Hughes’ Evergaol, under the cliff.

Elder Dragon Greyoll

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While not technically presented as a boss, Greyoll nevertheless is a mighty monster — she’s the namesake of this area, after all. Found just west of Fort Haroth, the mother of dragons is surrounded by several of her children, so be careful.

Flying Dragon Greyll

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Another of Elden Ring’s many dragon bosses, Greyll will swoop in when you cross the bridge in the northeastern part of the Dragonbarrow. Here’s how to defeat Flying Dragon Greyll when it shows up.

Godskin Apostle

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Godskin Apostle is found at the Divine Tower of Caelid. Work your way down to the lowest basement to face it.

Night’s Cavalry

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There are nine of these riders across the map, and one is found in the Dragonbarrow. It patrols just east of the bridge where Flying Dragon Greyll appears. Remember that it only appears at night.

Putrid Avatar

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Like all the other Avatars, this one guards a Minor Erdtree. It’s more dangerous than some other Avatars though, because it has attacks that cause Scarlet Rot.

Putrid Crystalian Trio

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Sellia Hideaway is a dungeon tucked in the southeastern corner of the region, marked above. This group of three Scarlet Rot-infused Crystalians are the bosses there.