All Guardian Ranks in Destiny 2

Earn more Guardian Ranks while playing Destiny 2.

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Guardian Ranks are a new addition to Destiny 2. These give you a general number to show how much content you’ve completed and worked on by playing the game and give you a good idea of what you should be working on while playing. You can view your Guardian Rank from your character’s inventory screen, and there are multiple challenges you need to work on to increase it. This guide covers all Guardian Ranks and challenges you need to do in Destiny 2.

Every Guardian Rank and challenge in Destiny 2

There are 11 Guardian Ranks for you to achieve in Destiny 2. Each comes with a series of challenges you need to complete, similar to the Seasonal Challenges that appear in the game.

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Guardian Rank 1

This is automatically given to all Destiny 2 players, welcoming them to the game.

Guardian Rank 2

  • Complete the New Light quest, “A Guardian Rises.”

Guardian Rank 3

  • Explore Neptune
    • Complete First Contact
    • Complete Point of Contact
  • Explore EDZ
    • Land on EDZ and meet Devrim Kay
    • Complete the three EDZ public events
  • Explore Nessus
    • Landed on Nesuss and met Failsafe
    • Complete one patrol on Nessus
    • Complete two Lost Sectors on Nessus

Guardian Rank 4

  • Light Subclasses
    • Complete Learning Light
    • Purchased two Aspects
    • Purchased three Fragments
    • Complete Light Subclass quests from Ikora
  • Gunsmith
    • Meet Banshee-44
    • Collect Glimmer
    • Acquire nine Legendary shards
    • Earn Enhancement Cores
    • Purchase weapons from Banshee-44
  • Gear Modification
    • Unlock three Shaders
    • Upgrade your Ghost

Guardian Rank 5

  • Exotic Quests
    • Acquire Riskrunner
    • Masterwork Riskrunner
  • Playlists
    • Acquire four Vanguard Bounties
    • Complete a Vanguard Ops
    • Complete 2 Vanguard bounties
    • Commend other players in Vangfuard Ops
    • Meet Lord Shaxx
    • Meet Drifter
  • Collections
    • Collect Weapons
    • Collect Armor

Guardian Rank 6

  • Gear Progression
    • Modify Armor
    • Increase Armor Energy
    • Masterwork two items
    • Acquire Enhancement Prisms
  • Power
    • Increase your power to the Soft Cap
    • Complete two weekly Vendor challenges
  • Trials
    • Talk to Saint-14

Guardian Rank 7

  • Lightfall
    • Complete Lightfall Campaign
    • Earn the Respect of Nimbus
    • Complete Weekly campaign missions
  • Season of Defiance
    • Increase your Season Rank
    • Complete Seasonal challenges
    • Increase War Table rank
    • Purchase War Table upgrades
    • Defeat Targets with the Verglas Curve bow
    • Increase your Reputation with Vanguard, Crucible, or Gambit playlist games
  • Seasonal Artifact
    • Obtain the Seasonal Artifact
    • Activate perks for the Seasonal Artifact
    • Increase your Artifact Power Bonus to five
  • Nightfall
    • Complete three Nightfalls with the current subclass of the present surge
    • Earn two platinum rewards
  • Champions
    • Stun Unstoppable Champions
    • Stun Barrier Champions
    • Stun Overload Champions
  • Commendations
    • Given out five commendations in a Nightfall activity
    • Increase your commendation score to 750
  • Lost Sectors
    • Complete a Solo Legend Lost Sector
    • Complete a Solo Flawless Legend Lost Sector
  • Power
    • Increase your Power Cap to 1800
    • Earn two Pinnacle rewards

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