How to get more Capital Gold in Clash of Clans

Upgrade your Clan’s Capital buildings using Capital Gold.

Image via Supercell

Capital Gold in Clash of Clans is a currency you can earn to upgrade your Clans’ Capital, increasing various structures to aid you and your clanmates. Without Capital Gold, you won’t be able to add too much to this area, and there are specific activities you can complete the work towards earning this exclusive currency. Here’s what you need to know about how to get more Capital Gold in Clash of Clans.

How to get Capital Gold

Clan Capital Raids

The best way to regularly earn Capital Gold is to participate in Clan Capital Raids. These are large battles where you’ll be testing your Clan’s strength against another enemy Clan. A Clan Capital Raid occurs over the weekend, starting every Friday and ending on Monday.

You’ll want to work with your clanmates to focus your targets against the opposing clan. For example, if you attack an enemy clan and nearly take out a building, an ally in your Clan can target the damaged building and finish it off, giving your side a chance to gain a higher score. Whenever you destroy a building during this mode, you earn Capital Gold. The more buildings you take out when battling against a clan, the more Capital Gold everyone earns during the activity, so you want to communicate and prioritize specific targets during these battles.

Special Events and Season Challenges

Another way to earn Capital Gold is through Special Events and Season Challenges. Supercell will offer these throughout the game, allowing everyone to earn them throughout a season. You’ll want to check out every new event coming to Clash of Clans to see if there are any specific activities or event rewards featuring Capital Gold. These will be limited-time opportunities, and we do not recommend relying on them.

The Forge

The final method is through The Forge, a building that unlocks when your town hall reaches level six. The Forge regularly creates small amounts of Capital Gold for you to extract every so often. Your Forge requires an empty builder to convert any unwanted resources into The Forge to turn it into Capital Gold. You can increase the time your Forge makes Capital Gold by using Builder potions.