All hidden trophies in Maquette

The answer to the biggest puzzle of all.

With just over 23 total trophies to earn in Maquette, achieving everything for the prestigious Platinum trophy isn’t exactly a challenge. Most of them simply require players to complete each puzzle, but five hidden trophies will ask you to do more unconventional tasks — including one that can be missed.

Maquette’s hidden trophies and descriptions

Although hidden, the following trophies certainly aren’t the hardest to unlock. However, their descriptions can be a bit misleading. For instance, Crew Creatures will have many believe they’ll need to hunt down several collectibles. Instead, the description is referencing the search for a doghouse in The Gardens with photos of all listed animals inside.

Players will also want to beware of missable trophies, too, with the Breakout trophy only being available to unlock during the first chapter.

Here are all of the hidden trophies for Maquette on PS5:

  • Precise Placement (Bronze): Rotated an item for a better fit.
  • Breakout (Gold): an early exit.
  • Crew Creatures (Gold): Discovered Max, Sandy, Sputnik, Balto, Kitsume, Eggbert, Ms. Mayor, Momo, Rara, Dotsie, Pixel, Daisy, Hudini, Muzik, Luna, Prince, Quincy, Trouble, Jazz, Indie, Bill, Cleo, Khaini, & Pablo.
  • Into the Darkness: (Gold): A leap everyone must take.
  • Run, Move, Run! (Gold): Entered the Arch Tower on your first try.