All Hyper Scape Memory Shards locations – Finding the hidden loading screens

Gather up all the jewels of Neo-Arcadia for some special treats.

Lately, Hyper Scape players have been discovering collectibles that lead to new loading screens in your locker and some additional information on the lore of the game. These collectibles, or Memory Shards, have been arriving on what appears to be a weekly basis. We recommend that everyone try to find these as the game’s site hints, “But if there are Memory Shards, could there be something…more?” which could point to either a major item or cutscene given to those that find them all.

To begin your journey finding out what this may mean, here are the locations for all Season 1 Memory Shards on the map.

  • Memory Shard 1.1: The first Shard introduced in the game will likely be the easiest you can find. You’ll begin by heading to the center of the map, near Red Tiger. Just south of the location is the Tora Garden. Go to the long black tower there, where the shard will be sitting underneath.
  • Memory Shard 1.2: In between Limelight and M.O.N.A. lies Unity Hill. On its east-side, next to the monorail system, there are a set of stairs leading to the Unity Hill homes. However, there is a set of stairs in between the rest that leads to a glitched red door. Open it for the second Shard and some additional loot.

Hopefully, these shards don’t give you too much trouble. As the season goes on, it’s expected that each new Shard will be harder to find. With Shard 1.1 still available, it’s presumed players will have the rest of the season to hunt each one down. When new Shards do appear each week, be sure to check this page whenever you desire to find them all.

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