All Iron Giant skins and costumes in MultiVersus

You are what you choose to be.

Screenshot via PlayStation YouTube

The Iron Giant is one of the more prominent characters in MultiVersus’ cast. While the character’s inclusion in the roster has sparked controversy due to the giant’s nonviolent nature exhibited in his self-titled 1998 film, he remains a fan favorite that also boasts a pretty impressive moveset.

At the time of writing, you’re only limited to three skins for the character. But as MultiVersus is an ever-evolving live service title, more Iron Giant skins will almost certainly be added to the game in the future. Here is every Iron Giant skin currently available in MultiVersus.

Default Iron Giant skin

Iron Giant with an S on his chest
Screenshot by Gamepur

The default Iron Giant skin looks fairly similar to his original appearance in The Iron Giant, only this time he has a large “S” on his chest in an effort to emulate his hero: Superman. As long as you’ve unlocked the character, you’ll have access to this skin.

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Rocket boot to the face!

Iron Giant (Classic) skin

Iron Giant's classic skin
Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re a fan of the Iron Giant movie, you might want to pick this one up. It’s virtually identical to the character’s movie appearance, and thankfully, it’s pretty cheap. You’ll only have to pay 250 Gold for it; no Gleamium is required. You can earn Gold pretty quickly by completing missions, many of which can be completed through normal play sessions.

Beach Giant skin

Beach Giant skin in MultiVersus
Screenshot by Gamepur

This skin sees the giant don a few floaties, some sunglasses, and an umbrella hat in an effort to stay cool in the summer sun. This outfit doesn’t appear to be directly inspired by any existing Iron Giant media, making it one of a handful of original character skins present in MultiVersus. Compared to some other costumes, it’s pretty cheap. You’ll only need to pay 800 Gleamium in order to get the giant ready for the beach.