How to unlock Buddy Recon in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and what it does

Move around the map in no time.

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Getting around the different maps of Monster Hunter Rise is one of the big draws of the game, especially with its focus on acrobatic movement using Wirebugs. Sometimes, though, it can be pretty time-consuming chasing down monsters from area to area. While the game has always had a fast-travel mechanic, the release of the Sunbreak expansion brought an additional (if a little limited) way of getting around: Buddy Recon.

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How to unlock Buddy Recon

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Before you can use Buddy Recon, you’ll need to progress your game to the Sunbreak content and access Elgado Outpost. Then, speak to the people around town and complete the tutorial for the Switch Skill Swap ability. At this point, you can speak to Nagi the Buddy Agent to open the Buddy Piazza menu. From here, select the Meowcenaries tab and then Buddy Recon.

For the maps from the base game, you can send a Buddy to a Recon Point without taking any further steps, although some maps will have undiscovered points to find. For the expansion maps, you won’t have any Recon Points yet, and you’ll need to find them on hunts or expeditions. Unlike with Sub-Camps, you can use these without needing to complete a special mission.

How Buddy Recon works

Buddy Recon is another method of fast travel you can take advantage of during hunts, although it’s more limited than using Sub-Camps. To use it, you first need to send a Buddy to one of the available Recon Points from either the Buddy Piazza in Elgado Outpost or Felyne Chief Kogarashi in Kamura Village. You can only send a Buddy to one Recon Point on each map, though.

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To use a Buddy Recon Point during a mission, just open the map like you would for fast travel normally. The Buddy Recon option can be selected from here by selecting the map’s Recon Point instead of one of the Sub-Camps. You can only fast travel with Buddy Recon once per mission, though, and it costs 100 Kamura Points, so make sure to use it wisely.