All Kid Kujirai locations in Genshin Impact

A traditional game.

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Perhaps you’ve seen a strange Inazuman boy standing around in dangerous areas. While more than a bit odd, Kid Kujirai NPC is well equipped to survive on its own. Using explosive Temari (the orbs that kids play games with), Kid Kujirai is able to hold his own while out and about. None of that matters, though — Kid Kujirai really just wants to play a game of Temari with you, and if you accept, you can earn some pretty good rewards. Here’s where to find all Kid Kujirai locations in Genshin Impact.

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Where to find all Kid Kujirai locations in Genshin Impact

To unlock Kid Kujirai, you need to complete the quest “Temari Game,” which is located just outside the entrance of Inazuma City. Doing so will unlock Kid Kujirais around Inazuma, allowing you to interact with and complete their challenges. This also unlocks Co-Op Temari Games, if you want to play Temari with a friend.

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Here are the locations of Kid Kujirai scattered around Inazuma:

  • Narukami Island
    • Slightly northwest of the Grand Narukami Shrine, on the coastline
    • On the island east of Inazuma City, on the plateau
  • Seirai Island
    • Northwest of Koseki Village
  • Kannazuka
    • South of Tatarasuna, on the cliffs below the peak
    • Northwest of Tatarasuna
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  • Yashiori Island
    • Serpent’s Head, inside the skull of the giant beast
    • Jakotsu Mine, underground. You can access this area underneath the giant skull.
  • Watatsumi Island
    • On a small island in the middle of the northern part of the spiral, north of the shrine.

Playing Temari three times with a Kid Kujirai will land you a precious chest with random loot inside and an achievement (Kujiari Art, Hidden Jutsu, worth five Primogems.) However, once the rewards are collected, there are no further incentives to playing Temari outside of having fun.