How to unlock the Temari game in Genshin Impact — Temari quest guide

Challenge your friends to find the Temari.

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Genshin Impact is filled with lively and mysterious NPCs that hold the keys to new and exciting things. Kid Kujirai is one such NPC, and completing his quest unlocks the Temari game that you can play to get many rewards. Finding his location and completing the quest might be tricky as you need to find the Temari. Here is how to find and complete the Temari game side quest in Genshin Impact.

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Temari game quest location

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You can find the quest at the entrance to Inazuma City, south of Byakko Plains. You should fast-travel to the Narukami Island teleport waypoint. When you are at the location, look for a boy named Kujirai standing beside the road. Talk to him, and after that, the quest will begin.

Temari Game quest walkthrough

Once the quest begins, you will get the objective to find the Temari hidden by Kujirai. There will be a time limit in which you need to find it; otherwise, you will fail and need to start over again. You can find the Temari hidden underneath the cliffs. Head straight from where you begin the quest and jump down. On the opposite side of the sea, you will easily spot the Temari. Pick it up and head back to Kid Kujirai to talk.

Once you talk to him, it will complete the quest, and you will unlock the Temari game. You will need to find all Kid Kujirai locations to play the Temrai game, and once you play it three times, you will get a precious chest. Additionally, you can play Temari with your friends. It’s kind of like hide-and-seek with the Temari.