All killstreaks in Call of Duty: Vanguard

The dogs are back again…

Image via Activision

Killstreaks have been a long-standing staple of the Call of Duty series that still remains today in Call of Duty: Vanguard. There are a total of 10 killstreaks so far revealed within the beta of Vanguard with the possibility of more to come in the future. They’re all dangerous and will turn the tides of battle in your favor.

3-4 Kills

There are four killstreaks that are relatively inexpensive to redeem. They include:

  • Intel (3 kills)
    • A radar that shows the location of nearby enemies through multiple pulses on the minimap over a short period of time.
  • Care Package (4 kills)
    • You’ll get the luck of the draw as this care package drops a random killstreak when picked up.
  • Spy Plane (4 kills)
    • A more efficient version of Intel as it shows all of the enemy’s locations on the minimap, no matter where they are. It can be shot down, however.
  • Counter Spy Plane (4 kills)
    • This does the opposite. It will obscure the minimap for all enemies, so you can’t be seen. This can also be shot down.

5 Kills

There are three 5 kills rewards in Call of Duty: Vanguard so far, and they’re very deadly. They include:

  • Glide bomb (5 kills)
    • This drops a bomb in a path of your choosing. This is an instant kill with impact.
  • Deathmachine (5 kills)
    • This weapon is the stuff of nightmares. It is a big machine gun with explosive rounds. If you get killed, you’ll still have it equipped until all the bullets have been used.
  • Mortar Barrage (5 kills)
    • With this killstreak, you can toss a flare cannister and repeated mortar fire will be reigned upon the opposing team, if you get the mark correct.

7-10 Kills

This is when it gets serious as the scales are tipped even further. They’re hard to redeem with the sheer amount of kills you need in this breakneck first-person shooter but they’re oh so satisfying to utilize.

  • Warmachine (7 kills)
    • If you thought the Deathmachine was bad, you have another thing coming. This beast of a weapon is a semi-automatic grenade launcher that can devastate the competition with its explosive power. You’ll keep this weapon even if you die and lose it when all of the grenades have been used.
  • Flamenaut (9 kills)
    • Don a protective suit and reign over the map with a powerful flamethrower. You’ll have a lot of armor to protect you but unlike the Warmachine, if you die, you lose the weapon.
  • Attack Dogs (10 kills)
    • Oh, boy, we still have bad flashbacks over these pesky canines and now they’ve returned to wreek havoc once again. With this killstreak, you’ll be summoning a pack of unruly attack dogs that will target nearby enemies for a period of time. Unfortunately, dog treats won’t work with these animals.

Alongside the killstreaks, we recommend you to turn off the haptic feedback or trigger effect as Activision puts it in the settings. This will give you the most pinpoint accurate version of the multiplayer experience. We prefer competitiveness over immersion any day of the week.