All Kito and Kanna locations in Genshin Impact

The eternal couple.

After finishing the Through the Mists quest in Genshin Impact, players will be able to find strange spirits all over the islands. They will all have some simple tasks that they need help with, and players can solve their issues for some rewards.

Kito and Kanna are a couple of spirits that like to hang out together, and also have a thing for Sakura Blooms. If you find them, you can follow them around the island, giving them flowers as you go, and eventually earn a chest and 60 Primogems.

On the map below, you can see exactly where they will appear, in order.

Kito and Kanna can initially be found on the small island to the west of the tree at Autake Plains. After that, make your way to Chirai Shrine and venture south. From there, it is back to Autake Plains to the area marked with the number 3 on the map. Then head south to the waterfall at number 4, and finally head to the west of Oina Beach to the point 5.

Each time you speak with Kito and Kanna, then will want a Sakura Bloom. The Sakura Blooms can be found all over the map and looks like small clouds of purple electro energy floating just above the ground. To harvest them you will need a character with Electro abilities, and you will need to hit the small floating clouds of Sakura blossom energy with an Electro ability. Doing so will allow you to interact with and harvest the Sakura Blooms.