All leaked cosmetics from Fortnite’s v12.40 update

A whole lot of super heroes.


Image via Epic

As always, Fortnite’s v12.40 patch contained all sorts of secrets, and dataminers like¬†Lucas7Yoshi¬†quickly got busy sifting through all the information to bring us a list of the new cosmetics that were added to the game. Unfortunately, we have no idea when they will be released, but it gives us an idea of what will be popping up in the Item Shop between now and June 4, which is the new start date for the next season.

There are some really fun and interesting surprises in this leak. Deadpool will be getting a white X-Force style skin, and Domino, Psylocke, and Cable will all be making their way to the game as well. All the heroes also get suitable back bling to complete the fit.

The Backboard, a decisive item that many people seem to hate, is also getting a new style. The X-Force Deadpool style is, we assume, going to be connected to whatever the new Deadpool challenges are this week, so that should be a free pick up for everyone who already has the Deadpool skin.

The presence of more heroes hints at the possibility of some kind of event, but whether this will result in any challenges or new things to do in the game remains to be seen.

You can find images of all the leaked cosmetics below thanks to Lucas7Yoshi.

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