How to use the Nemesis weapon in Apex Legends

An Energy rifle perfect for those with a heavy trigger finger.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It is not always Apex Legends earns a new weapon from an incoming season. Despite not debuting a gun since the CAR SMG in Season 11, the battle royale is finally breaking its cold streak with the arrival of the Nemesis in Season 16. This is a burst-fire assault rifle that requires the use of the coveted Energy ammo, and players can anticipate it having a unique function because of this. This guide will reveal how the Nemesis works, and what you can do to get the most out of it in Apex Legends.

How does the Nemesis weapon work in Apex Legends

As a burst-fire rifle, those picking up the Nemesis for the first time in a match will notice delays between each shot. Thankfully, the gun features an accelerated trigger and charge mechanic. This means those holding down their respective shooting button will see the weapon firing continuously, and the more shots fired from the Nemesis will result in shorter delays between them. This charge even remains in place for a limited amount of time, so players who reload or even sprint while it’s stowed should still see this benefit upon shooting.

During its debut in Season 16, those wanting the latest weapon can discover it in supply bins or as ground loot alongside at least one stack of Energy ammunition. However, players with a bit of luck may also run into one of its many compatible attachments. The Nemesis can be equipped with any rarity of Barrel Stabilizers, Extended Energy Magazines, Standard Stocks, and optics that are compatible with assault rifles. Thus, if you are playing modes like Control, you can expect to earn a Nemesis with up to four attachments through its Rating system.

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As fast-firing as the weapon can be, you should also anticipate it to flourish in modes that feature small, close-quarters maps, such as those in Team Deathmatch. The mode includes two teams of six Legends and lets them duke it out on Party Crasher, Habitat 4, and Skulltown. Meanwhile, the Nemesis may even thrive in everything the Mixtape playlist holds, with it sporting Team Deathmatch and Control as well as Gun Run.