All Legend skins in the Chaos Theory Collection Event for Apex Legends

Embrace your inner warlord.

Chaos Theory Collection Legend skins

The Chaos Theory Collection Event has crashed into Apex Legends, and while there aren’t as many Legend skins for this event as there were for the Anniversary Collection, all of these skins are originals rather than recolors. This collection event includes 8 Legendary-tier Legend skins, 2 Epic-tier Legend skins, and 1 Rare-tier Legend skin. That is a total of 11 new skins for nine different Legends. Caustic and Wattson are the only Legends to get two skins this event. This makes sense, considering its Casutic’s Town Takeover, and his and Wattson’s lore are intertwined.

Chaos Theory Collection Legend Skins

All of these skins are from the Chaos Theory event collection itself. None of them are locked behind a premium store bundle, as you see with lore events. The bundles that are in the store feature Revenant, Rampart, Caustic, and Pathfinder. Let’s take a look at every skin that the Chaos Theory Collection Event has to offer.

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Lost Dynasty (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Lost Dynasty
Screenshot via Gamepur

War Path (Legendary Pathfinder skin)

War Path
Screenshot via Gamepur

A Gaze Eternal (Legendary Revenant skin)

A Gaze Eternal
Screenshot via Gamepur

Deputy of Death (Legendary Caustic skin)

Deputy of Death
Screenshot via Gamepur

Nomad Overseer (Legendary Crypto skin)

Nomad Overseer
Screenshot via Gamepur

Haute Hoplite (Legendary Loba skin)

Haute Hoplite
Screenshot via Gamepur

Chaos Conductor (Legendary Wattson skin)

Chaos Conductor
Screenshot via Gamepur

Death Dealer (Legendary Rampart skin)

Death Dealer
Screenshot via Gamepur

Electric Blue (Epic Wattson skin)

Electric Blue
Screenshot via Gamepur

Grave Robber (Epic Caustic skin)

Grave Robber
Screenshot via Gamepur

Prize Tracker Legend Skin

There is also one Legend skin not a part of the Collection itself. It is a Rare Horizon skin and the only Legend skin on this event’s Prize Tracker.

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Hieroglyph Heroics (Rare Horizon skin)

Hieroglyph Heroics
Screenshot via Gamepur