All weapon skins in the Chaos Theory Collection Event for Apex Legends

Legendary skins are the majority.

Chaos Theory Collection weapon skins

The Chaos Theory Collection Event has arrived in Apex Legends, and with this event, we are getting 11 brand-new weapon skins: 1 Heirloom, 6 Legendary-tier skins, and 4 Epic-tier skins. They are from a mix of the collection itself and the Prize Tracker. A lot of the weapons are set to match specific Legend skins for the event, but a few of them stand on their own.

Chaos Theory Collection Weapon Skins

This event’s premium collection has eight different weapons skins within it. Half of them are Legendary-tier, while the other half are only Epic-tier. Our favorite by far is the Wishbone R-99 skin made to match Rampart’s Legendary skin from the collection, but there is a good amount of other amazing weapon skins to gush over too.

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Wishbone (Legendary R-99 skin)

Screenshot via Gamepur

Pharaoh’s Fire (Legendary Spitfire skin)

Pharaoh's Fire
Screenshot via Gamepur

An Anger Righteous (Legendary R-301 skin)

An Anger Righteous
Screenshot via Gamepur

Athena’s Grace (Legendary Mastiff skin)

Athena's Grace
Screenshot via Gamepur

Lagoon Idol (Epic Charge Rifle skin)

Lagoon Idol
Screenshot via Gamepur

Treadrunner (Epic Alternator skin)

Screenshot via Gamepur

Necropotence (Epic Peacekeeper skin)

Screenshot via Gamepur

Crimson Gold (Epic Triple Take skin)

Crimson Gold
Screenshot via Gamepur

Prize Tracker Weapon Skins

There are also two Legend skins not part of the Collection itself. They are both Legendary-tier, and you can find them on this event’s Prize Tracker.

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Ronin’s Arrow (Legendary Kraber Skin)

Ronin's Arrow
Screenshot via Gamepur

Royal Charge (Legendary EVA-8 Skin)

Royal Charge
Screenshot via Gamepur

Chaos Theory Heirloom

The newest Heirloom melee weapon skin to join the roster is Bangalore’s. Unlock it by buying out the full Chaos Theory collection, or wait until the event is over and buy it from the Heirloom Store for 150 Heirloom Shards. This is the 9th Heirloom that has been added to the game.

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Cold Steel (Bangalore Heirloom)

Cold Steel
Screenshot via Gamepur