All Lumitoile Locations In Genshin Impact (& How To Farm Lumitoile)

Lumitoile is a vital upgrade material in Genshin Impact. Here’s where to find it.

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There are dozens of upgrade materials in Genshin Impact, and one of the newest, Lumitoile, is native to the Fontaine region. If you pulled Neuvillette in 4.1 or during a rerun, you’ll need hundreds to fully upgrade him, so here are the best places you can find and farm Lumitoile.

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Where to Find Lumitoile in Genshin Impact

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Lumitoile is native to the northwestern portion of Fontaine on the coasts of the Liffey and Fontaine Research Institute areas. You’re looking specifically for beaches and shallows, as well as in and around the underwater metallic buildings that extend up from the seafloor. I found that looking for the materials underwater was more of a hassle than it was worth, as they can hide underneath and behind other objects. I did notice that they tend to appear around normal, orange starfish and other beach-borne sea life, but it wasn’t a foolproof strategy.

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I was able to find three primary sources of Lumitoile. First, on the northern shores of Mont Esus East and second, on the western shores near the New Fontaine Research Institute. Between the two, the Institute beach was much more profitable, but it was also pretty easy to find them within the underwater portion of the Institute itself.

There are a couple of additional places where you can find Lumitoile: on the beach east of the Liffey Region Statue of the Seven and in the waters between Mont Essus East and the New Research Institute. The problem I ran into was how spread out everything was underwater, on top of the little stars hiding behind and beneath other objects.

How To Farm Lumitoile in Genshin Impact

As for farming Lumitoile, I recommend the following route:

  1. Fast travel to Mont Esus East, head north to the beach and collect all Lumitoile you encounter.
  2. Go into the water east of the Fatui camp and pick up all Lumitoile there.
  3. Fast travel to the northernmost Teleport Waypoint in the New Fontaine Research Institute area, near the building overlooking the water.
  4. Go just west of the building and follow the coast all the way south to the broken bridge that would have spanned the main sea with the inlet.
  5. Travel to the Fontaine Research Institute (if you have it unlocked), and traverse the waterways.

If you follow this Lumitoile farming route, you should come out with between 30-40 units, though there are about 20 additional ones you can hunt for at other locations. One thing to note: once you’ve collected a particular unit of Lumitoile, you’ll need to wait 48 real-world hours for them to respawn.

With you needing more than the world can provide to fully upgrade Neuvillette, it will take you more than a day to get him up to par. It’s annoying that the game time gates so much of characters’ upgrade paths, but thankfully, farming Lumitoile isn’t nearly as much of a slog as, say, fishing for the Catch polearm. Instead, I find it to be a brief, chill side adventure. Hopefully, you do as well.