All Mysterious Ore Locations & How To Use Them In Genshin Impact

This Mysterious Ore isn’t such a mystery anymore now that Genshin Impact players can find the hidden locations and collect each piece.

Genshin Impact mysterious ore

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Genshin Impact never leaves players bored, loading them down with oodles of materials to locate and utilize. Locating the newest ore introduced in the current area of Fontaine is the first step to unlocking the Bravais’ Hidden Study.

A multitude of quests are available in the area of Fontaine in Genshin Impact, some requiring more steps than others to complete. Some of these objectives are hidden but must be located to progress certain tasks. For example, to finish the Arkhium Forge quest, players must find a specific hidden objective – the location of Mysterious Ore.

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Where are the Mysterious Ore Pieces in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Map
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Seven Mysterious Ore pieces are scattered throughout Fontaine. Some can be found while exploring while others can be snatched during different world quests. The locations are the following:

  • In the eastern part of the Fontaine Research Institute of Kinetic Energy Engineering Region on top of the Mecha Totem in Hillchuri Village
  • Below the Central Laboratory Ruins in the Allogravity-Condensed Water Body hidden beneath breakable rubble
  • On the highest level of the Prototype Cal. Breguet boss arena
  • Next to the reward chest after beating the Thorny Cyst special encounter.
  • In the Geode Mine Shafter during the world quest An Eye for an Eye
  • In the water tunnel after finishing the world quest Treacherous Light of the Depths
  • Next to the reward chest after finishing the world quest Road to the Singularity

Once all seven pieces are collected, they will automatically combine to create Arkhium Stock. Players can take this to Bravais’ Press Works to be forged into Arkhium Luminite. This can then be used to power the machine to open the doors to Bravais’ Hidden Study. Once that is open, players will finish the Arkium Forge objective and gain the Wonder of the World achievement Not So Strait is the Gate.