All main objectives in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak mode in Zombies

Strike Team, you have your orders. Survive and get out of there.

Image via Treyarch

Treyarch has integrated some new ideas for Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War with the new Outbreak mode/map added in Season Two. The playable area is gigantic for what Zombie players are used to, with teleporters taking you to multiple locations placed throughout the Ural Mountains while you play. The goal this time around is not merely to survive or complete the main Easter egg-like in past maps, though. Each time your squad loads in, you will be given a main objective you need to complete, or it is game over. Complete them, and your group needs to decide if you want to attempt exfiltration or try your hands at an additional objective. Here are all of the main objectives in the Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies mode.


During Defend, the squad needs to gather a sample of the infected (in the trailer, a zombie’s head) and place it in a machine to upload data to Requiem. While the device does this, you need to defend it from zombies storming into the place and trying to damage it. Defend objectives can be either indoors or outdoors, so your strategy to protect the machine can alter depending on its location.


Image via Treyarch

In Eliminate, your team needs to go to a specific location in the map where an elite enemy will spawn upon arrival. When they are visible, waves of zombies will continually attack you, so you need to balance protecting yourself from the horde while also dealing significant damage to the elite. This objective will take place over waves itself, so once you damage it enough, it appears you need to find it again and start the process over again. We expect the elite enemies to include the purple Dark Aetherium infused zombie shown in the gameplay trailer and the Panzersoldat, Mangler, and other boss-like zombies.


For Escort, there will be a rover caging a monkey that you need to protect as it detects Dark Aether portals. Zombies will attack the rover directly, so you need to move with it and keep it from breaking down until it drives through a portal.


If you have the Holdout objective, you need to find a large Dark Aether Crystal on the map and destroy it. Once you set the bombs, though, your group will be transported to the Dark Aether and need to protect yourself against zombies until the explosives go off. This objective will be a call back to a more classic Zombies experience. You will have a small area you can navigate and need to use power-ups and boarding up windows to keep yourself alive until the time is up.


The Retrieve main objective tasks your squad with finding canisters filled with Aetherium Crystals and delivering them to rockets on the map to blast them out of the area. Unfortunately, anyone carrying the canister will be slowed down and an easier target to hit. The carrier will have their Field Upgrade temporarily replaced by one that emits a shockwave effect to get zombies off their back if teammates cannot protect them adequately.