All map points of interest and locations on Broken Moon in Apex Legends

Choose from one of 14 named locations to drop to on this new Season 15 map.

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Season 15: Eclipse will go down in Apex Legends history for delivering several signature contents. Alongside the new Legend Catalyst and Stickers, the season even introduces Broken Moon, the fifth map of the Apex Games. This destination is split into two different biomes: a gloomy, dark environment and another that is much more colorful with lively greenery throughout. Better yet, there are 14 points of interest to explore, with a handful being overwhelmingly large. Here’s every location within the Broken Moon map in Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse.

All Broken Moon map POIs in Apex Legends

Alpha Base

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The Alpha Base POI is largely set inside a massive crater which is home to several small structures. However, players can quickly take its Zip Rails to head to its trio of two-story buildings that rest above the crater.


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Atmostation is made up of a swath of compact research centers and water silos that circle a high-arcing tower. Although the research centers are said to provide gear, players can take a nearby bridge that leads to the tower’s entrance and its very own loot. If you happen to find enemies around the tower, you can hop on one of its Zip Rails for a quick escape.


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Surrounded by ponds and vibrant trees, the Bionomics is undoubtedly one of the prettiest places to visit on Broken Moon. It bears a collection of circular, tightly-packed buildings that Legends can loot for many valuable items. Squads can also camp out at the POI and climb to the top of their roofs to watch for incoming threats.

Breaker Wharf

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You won’t find a large batch of buildings here, but Breaker Wharf consists of two wide, multi-layered structures that are both held high by lengthy support beams. This makes its roofs the perfect spots for snipers that are looking to knock enemies traveling on the location’s bridge or Zip Rails.


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Cultivation is one of the few flat areas within Broken Moon. Despite its small size, players will discover a large greenhouse at its center with many smaller structures revolving around it. Those wanting to be stealthy can even sit in its many waterways to catch any enemies that walk past by surprise.

Dry Gulch

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Unlike most other locations, Dry Gulch is divided by two, asymmetric sections of colorful, large structures. Although this can prove to be a promising area for loot, most of its buildings are not enclosed, ultimately leaving its visitors vulnerable. Thankfully, Dry Gulch sports its own Zip Rail and multiple ways to exit.

Eternal Gardens

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If you’re journeying over to the map’s more lively side, it is certainly worth exploring the sprawling Eternal Gardens. This point of interest is noted as a “long-range field” with a wide variety of radiant flowers. That said, there is still a handful of ways to remain undetected. For one, players can head to its trenches to lay low and search for loot or go to its central building to use Broken Moon’s sole Jump Tower.

Production Yard

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Developer Respawn Entertainment has been open to revealing Production Yard as a potential hot spot. It is considered to be one of the larger locations on the map, carrying a wide T-shaped structure and a landing pad. However, players should anticipate both areas to be packed with enemies, as the POI’s hefty amount of loot makes it an apparent “central honeypot.”


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Likely the first location you’ll notice when flying over Broken Moon, Promenades is a vertical landmark that functions as the divider between the north and south sides of the map. Players will likely use this location as a means to rotate, but its interior does bear enough supplies for your entire squad.

Stasis Net Array

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Stasis Net Array is another POI that is said to be an excellent area for loot, as bins and structures fill its spaces. Its main attraction is a circular, enclosed building that hosts gear and a particle beam that stretches into the sky — practically enticing players from any distance to visit it.


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Sitting parallel to Promenades, Terraformer is described as a “king-of-the-hill” location that holds a lofty structure at its peak. Although players can run into weapons and health supplies throughout the area, Legends with the high ground may have themselves the best shooting angles.

The Core

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Those who have secured their Golden Tickets ahead of Season 15 have likely seen The Core before, as it was featured in an exclusive in-game tour. The location is centered around a gigantic core that Legends are able to enter, though it is accompanied by a barrage of smaller homes you may want to loot for weapons beforehand. Of course, with a POI of its scale, you can even expect to witness a Zip Rail that circulates throughout the area.

The Divide

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Not all areas on Broken Moon are research labs or skyscrapers. The Divide is known as one of the map’s towns, with it holding a variety of vertical homes scattered all around. These will surely help fill your inventory, but you may be left out in the open when running to each structure. This is because its houses are separated by nothing but narrow bridges and Zip Rails.

The Foundry

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A point of interest large enough to support four entire squads, The Foundry is a ferrofluid refinement with two extensive, loot-filled floors. It certainly does not offer much coverage when looking to avoid firefights, but The Foundry does contain two Zip Rail systems for players anxious to enter and leave in a hurry.