Apex Legends players can now trade in their Golden Tickets for a preview of Season 15’s colorful, new map

Legends will soon be taking their battles to the moon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Games are now all but guaranteed to have a new home in Season 15 of Apex Legends. Players who have picked up the game’s latest Golden Ticket item are being treated to a teaser showcasing parts of an incoming map, but it is not a trailer like most expected. This sneak peek comes in the form of an interactive tour that reveals the location’s vibrant design and one gigantic point of interest.

From now until November 1, Golden Ticket holders can access this experience to be able to zipline through the next Battle Royale location. As first revealed by YouTuber KralRindo, it displays a handful of bright, distinctively designed buildings as well as a swath of mountain areas. Most notably, the zipline takes players around an unknown POI that sports a staggeringly tall tower that appears to have numerous entry points.

By all appearances, the map seemingly takes place on the moon of Boreas, Cleo. It was last featured in the game’s latest episode of Stories from the Outlands with the new Legend Catalyst shown taking residence on the moon. Participants may have even been clued into what the future holds for Cleo, as the teaser’s tour guide hints there are plans to “one day transform this natural satellite into a thriving metropolis.”

via KralRindo’s YouTube channel

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Although fans will need to wait and see what this cryptic message means, several other details surrounding Season 15: Eclipse have already come to the forefront. For one, the season is confirmed to launch on November 1 alongside a new gifting feature. Catalyst has also been revealed in great lengths, as the game’s first trans woman Legend is said to be a defensive character with the power to terraform. More information surrounding Season 15 and its Battle Royale map is expected to come once its reveal trailer launches on October 20.