All multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Plenty of new places to play.

Image via Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare II has over a dozen maps to play across its 6v6 and 32v32 modes, with several maps doing double duty as a standard twelve-player experience and the large, Ground War-style match. The last two maps are unique to the 32v32 mode and are also featured as important points of interest in the Al Mazrah map in Warzone 2.0. There is also one map not present in-game due to an ongoing legal issue.

Every map in Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer

Most 6v6 maps are medium-sized, with only a few being on a smaller scale. Four maps also host both Ground War and more standard gameplay. MW2 maps tend to follow the classic three-lane structure, though they sometimes play with the design. This is in opposition to Modern Warfare (2019), which tried to focus on more realistic layouts at the expense of gameplay flow. That’s thankfully not the case this time around.

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Al Bagra Fortress (6v6)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A medium-sized map in the Al Mazrah region, Al Bagra Fortress is a mix of close-quarters, building-to-building combat, and longer sightlines and open spaces, with a bit of verticality for good measure. Even in the larger areas on the map, there is plenty of cover, while any of the upper-level areas are more vulnerable.

Breenbergh Hotel (6v6)

Image via Call of Duty Wiki

Set in a five-star hotel in Amsterdam, Breenbergh Hotel is close-combat personified, with additional spaces on the streets outside the building for more distant engagements. Most of the fighting happens at a close or medium range, with a large open space in the middle acting as a focal point linking the other, smaller areas.

Crown Raceway (6v6)

Screenshot by Gamepur

On a European race course, Crown Raceway, previously called Grand Prix, takes place in the buildings outside the course, among its offices, server rooms, and staff areas. The map is of medium size and is built for faster-paced 6v6 play.

Embassy (6v6)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another medium-sized map, Embassy takes place at a US Embassy in Al Mazrah, with combat evenly split between its two floors. The upper area has plenty of visibility of everything below, and there are lots of longer sightlines, with some CQC in the offices in the building.

El Asilo (6v6)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A larger 6v6 map with two primary play spaces: the inside of a large warehouse storage facility, where combat is close-range with plenty of places to hide and outmaneuver your opponents. The area around the warehouse is made up of grassy hills and the occasional small outbuilding.

Farm 18 (6v6)

Image via Call of Duty Wiki

Set in a training facility near a concrete factory, Farm 18 attempts to bridge the gap between the lightning-fast action of shoot-house engagements with the larger, long-ranged fights snipers and rifle users enjoy. The central area is a kill house firearms training setup surrounded by broken-down industrial areas overrun by plant life.

Guijarro (32v32)

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the smaller 32v32 maps, Guijarro is about two things: rooftop combat and street fighting. The thoroughfares are narrow, the rooftops many, and the means for getting between the two dangerous in the extreme.

Mercado Las Almas (6v6)

Image via Call of Duty Wiki

A classic 6v6 experience, Mercado Las Almas takes place in a small street market in Mexico during a narcotics seizure operation. Fight through claustrophobic corners, colorful plazas, and graffiti-strewn side streets. A map designed with fast-paced action in mind, it’s filled with routes and lanes that constrict troop movement alongside more open areas for longer-range engagements.

Sa’id (32v32)

Image via Call of Duty Wiki

One of only two Ground War-only maps, Sa’id takes place in a vast desert portion of Al Mazrah, and there is a heady mix of long-range gameplay out in the sand and urban combat around a central structure and its surrounding buildings. There is also room-to-room fighting and many opportunities to get on rooftops and rain down death.

Santa Seña Border Crossing (6v6 and 32v32)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Taking place at a border crossing between the US and Mexico, Santa Seña is a different experience depending on which mode you’re playing. The 6v6 play area is a huge cluster of stalled and broken down cars, all primed to explode, with two long hallways on one side. The Ground War area includes all the supportive structures and streets around the crossing.

Sarrif Bay (32v32)

Image via Call of Duty Wiki

When you load into Sarrif Bay, you’ll experience a large-scale 32v32 match set in the Republic of Adal’s main port of call. As a Ground War-style map, there will be plenty of vehicles, including planes, boats, and ground-based armor, as well as an amphibious Armored Personal Carrier built for land and sea. Expect intense urban combat within tight alleyways, fight across what developers call a separate rooftop ecosystem, and take part in evolved parkour opportunities like those from the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare.

Taraq (6v6, 32v32)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Taraq is a larger map, whether in 6v6 or 32v32, and play occurs among the ruined and blasted remains of a city in Al Mazrah. Cover is uneven, with fewer opportunities for closer-range engagements. There are tons of long sightlines in between its structural spaces, making it a gamble whether a sniper will be watching or not.

Valderas Museum (Not Present, 6v6)

Image via Call of Duty Wiki

Taking place in a European museum, this map is a larger 6v6 affair. Built in a classic three-lane style, with many open lines of sight for longer-range engagements and plenty of smaller encounter areas for SMGs and shotguns to shine. The map was playable in the beta version of Modern Warfare II, but it’s noticeably absent from the release version. There was never any reason given by Activision, but the Spanish hotel the map is heavily based on has threatened legal action over its portrayal in-game.

Zarqwa Hydroelectric (6v6)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Fighting around the eponymous hydroelectric plant, this map prioritizes aquatic gameplay in both its 6v6 and 32v32 modes, befitting the work once done here. The smaller version is lots of close-quarter engagements with the occasional watery surprise, with the Ground War variant opening things up for building-to-building and rooftop gameplay and more open areas.