All Mastery Insight Points in Sandswept Isles in Guild Wars 2

Get swept away in the beauty of the map.

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The Sandswept Isles was a map added to the game as a part of the Living World Season 4 events. This map features large swathes of nature and a hulking portion of Asura tech. Unfortunately, the map is also plagued by Inquest and Awakened forces, which means that players need to be aware at all times of what’s going on around them. Sandswept Isles also features Mastery Insight Points, which you’ll need to level up your Mounts, and your Masteries in the game.

Atholma Mastery Insight Point

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Reaching this Mastery Insight Point is quite a simple task. First, players need to head to the west of the map, in the Atholma area. Here there are several paths you can take, all constructed from wooden bridges. To reach this location, you’ll have to have either a Springer or a Skyscale, but you won’t need the High Jump Mastery unlocked on your Springer as it’s quite close to the ground.

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The Hunting Grounds Mastery Insight Point

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Head north and very slightly easy from the Atholma area. You’ll need to climb the mountainside or take a long way around and run up the mountain. When you get to the top, you’ll see a giant statue of a Charr and perhaps an event that is running, Gathering Storms. It is possible to interact with the Mastery Insight Point without participating if you skirt the elementals in the way.

Deepwater Cooling Sink Mastery Insight Point

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To reach this Mastery Insight Point, you’ll have to travel to the giant cube structure in Rata Primus. The closest Waypoint to this area is the Anniogel Encampment Waypoint. From here, you’ll need to head into the heart of the area, but be careful as It’s filled with hostiles. Once you’ve reached the water at the center of Rata Primus, you’ll need to swim straight down.

Invariant Enclave Mastery Insight Point

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This next Mastery Insight Point requires you to head to the bottom-most island on the map. The area is called the Invariant Enclave, filled with hostile creatures. The Mastery Insight Point is located quite high up, but if you have a Skyscale, it’s not difficult to reach. If you don’t have a Skyscale, you may need to ask a friend to help you with a portal or a Teleport to Friend. Be careful, as there are three turrets here that will damage you when you try to access the Point, be sure to destroy them first.