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All Miasmic Swamp Scenic Point locations in Tower of Fantasy

See all the sights the Miasmic Swamp has to offer.

The Miasmic Swamp is filled with hidden secrets for you to locate in Tower of Fantasy. This area of Vera is quite dangerous but braving the thick marsh will get you plenty of rewards. Just like in previous areas, there are multiple Scenic Points for you to track down throughout the Miasmic Swamp. Discovering these areas will get you extra rewards like Dark Crystals and will further your exploration status of the area. This guide will show you where you can find all of the Miasmic Swamp Scenic Points in Tower of Fantasy.

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Outpost 10

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The first of the Scenic Points is located near Outpost 10 in the western part of the area just before the swamplands. This area is to the north of the Silvercoast Lab. Locating the Scenic Point here is quite simple. Go across the bridge from the outpost and jump down the cliff. You will spot the Scenic Point on the cliffs below the bridge.

Vine Ladder

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The second Scenic Point is located near Base Station 2. You will come to this area as part of the story for the Miasmic Swamp. From Base Station 2, head northeast. Go below the station and search the cliffs. The climb can be pretty harrowing if you end up dropping too far down so be careful. The Scenic Point will have you looking up at the vines connected to Base Station 2.

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The Giant Red Tree

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The third Scenic Point is called The Giant Red Tree and it is located to the south of Base Station 3. From the Spacerift, head south and you will find the Scenic Point on one of the many cliffs surrounding the tree. The tree itself is easy to spot with the Scenic Point overlooking it.

Research Station Ruins

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After finding the third Scenic Point, head to the east to locate the Research Station Ruins. This area can also be found to the south of the Ecological Research Station. This Scenic Point is on one of the many cliffs that overlook the research station and the nearby bones.

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Forest Path

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The last Scenic Point in the area is located to the west of Base Station 3. You will end up finding this area as you progress through the story of the Miasmic Swamp. The Scenic Point can be spotted on top of a vine near the Base Station as you make your way from there to the next objective in the area.

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