All Mobile Broadcast Stations locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

The developer is sending strange signals.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to surprise its players with new mechanics and buildings to find every season. Mobile Broadcast Stations are a new structure to search for within Verdansk, starting with Season 5. Their benefits still remain a mystery, and their locations are almost as cryptic.

Unfortunately, all of the mobile broadcast stations have randomized placements throughout the map and aren’t in one area every game. This fact makes them difficult to scout for on the Warzone map. To spot one, look out for a truck with a satellite poking out of it. It isn’t one you can climb on, as it’s only as tall as a tree. The satellite looks like an upside-down T, with sideward Ts attached to it. They’re tricky to spot, as they’re so small, but we caught two on the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re keen on finding the Mobile Broadcast Stations, try to drop nearby a car, and if you find a Trophy System, that’s even better. Trophy systems disable incoming projectiles like rockets and other explosive weapons.

The Mobile Broadcast Stations typically spawn between two close-by major locations like Storage Town and the Boneyard, or any other instance on the map. Look for fields of grass as they can pop up in those areas. As for what they’re for, the developer hasn’t explained to us exactly what their function is. Some players have suggested that they increase drop rates and item quality when you call a loadout drop nearby. We’ll let you know if we hear definitive information.

The first we found was south of Storage Town and north of the Boneyard. We found it near one of the lighthouses and a blue building. Trees are placed throughout. Be careful though, as we were attacked while trying to take screenshots. That lighthouse has a higher platform that snipers love to use.

Screenshot via Gamepur

The second we found to the left of the Military Base that’s north of the map. It’s extremely near to the area and is far right from the Summit. It’s close to the road and to the right of a barricade.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As we find more broadcast locations, this post will be updated.