All Moonshine Jamboree rewards in Fallout 76

Gather the venom for extra rewards.

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The Moonshine Jamboree is one of the events added in the Test Your Metal update. While it isn’t the most worthwhile event, it is a great way to farm experience and get a few rewards. During this event, you will be swarmed by Gulpers, Ghouls, and Anglers while you attempt to defend three stills and gather up Gulper Venom to fill the bathtub inside the cabin. There is a good number of rewards you can obtain from this event. It’s time to get farming.

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How to get the best rewards from the Moonshine Jamboree

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During the Moonshine Jamboree event, you will be tasked with defending three stills from an onslaught of various creatures. To earn the best rewards in this event, you will want to keep all three stills up and running. Each time a still breaks, the number of rewards you get decreases. You will also be tasked with collecting Gulper Venom. The more Gulper Venom you grab, the better your rewards will be as well. You can collect up to 60 Gulper Venom even though the event only asks you for 30.

Moonshine Jamboree rewards

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You can obtain many different rewards from completing this public event. We will go over the possible reward outcomes depending on how you complete the event. No matter how you complete the event, you will gain Raider faction reputation for completing it.

  • Base Rewards – These are the rewards you will obtain for completing the event with the bare minimum requirement.
    • 200 XP
    • 10 Caps
    • 4-6 Treasury Notes
    • Random quantity of ammunition
    • Stimpaks
    • Purified Water
    • Fermentable Mire Magic Moonshine
  • Extra Venom – These are the rewards that you will obtain if you manage to collect 60 venom instead of the base number of 30.
    • +50 XP
    • +10 Caps
    • +1 Stimpak
    • +1 Purified Water
    • +1 Fermentable Magic Mire Moonshine
  • Two Stills Destroyed – If you complete the event with two of the stills being destroyed, you will get the following additional rewards.
    • +50 XP
    • +10 Caps
    • Gulper Smacker melee weapon
    • +1 Fermentable Magin Mire Moonshine
    • 1 Legendary Core
  • One Still Destroyed – If you complete the event with only one still getting destroyed, you will get the following additional rewards.
    • +100 XP
    • +20 Caps
    • Gulper Smacker melee weapon
    • +2 Fermentable Magic Mire Moonshine
    • 2 Legendary Cores
  • No Stills Destroyed – If you complete the event without any of the stills getting destroyed, you will get the following rewards.
    • +30 Caps
    • Gulper Smacker melee weapon (with mods)
    • +3 Fermentable Magic Mire Moonshine
    • 3 Legendary Cores
    • One of three Gulper Smacker mod plans (Spiked, Sharp, Chain-Wrapped)
  • No Stills Destroyed and Extra Venom – If you have a perfect run and obtain 60 venom without having any of the stills get destroyed, you will gain the following additional rewards.
    • +1-3 Legendary Cores
    • Plan: Gulper Smacker (10% chance to drop)
    • Plan: Gulper Head (10% chance to drop)
    • Plan: Gulper Rug (10% chance to drop)
    • +1 Fermentable Magic Mire Moonshine

As you can see, the Moonshine Jamboree event has some good rewards. The Gulper Smacker weapon is a good melee weapon that can be enhanced with three different mods. You will need to farm this event for a while to obtain all of the plans from it. It helps to wait until the Gulpers are within the area of the stills before you kill them. This will prevent any allies from needing to run off to collect the venom and increase your chances of getting the extra venom needed for additional rewards.