How to complete the Moonshine Jamboree event in Fallout 76

There’s a party and you’re invited.

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The Test Your Metal update added three public events to Fallout 76’s long list of activities. Among these events is one titled the Moonshine Jamboree which tasks you with helping out at the Sunday Brothers’ Cabin to create a batch of their famous moonshine. The only problem is that you need to rustle up the secret ingredient: Gulper Venom. Hopefully, you have what it takes to create a good batch of moonshine.

Moonshine Jamboree event location

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The Moonshine Jamboree event is located at the Sunday Brothers’ Cabin on the eastern side of the map in The Mire. The cabin can be found to the south of Berkeley and is easy to reach from the Berkeley Train Station. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way you can reach this area for free outside of when the event is going on like you can the other events in the Test Your Metal update.

How to complete the Moonshine Jamboree event

When it comes time for the event to begin, you will need to head into the cabin and talk to Moonshiner Ned. Moonshiner Ned is a Mr. Handy robot that waits for you behind the counter inside the house. Tell Ned that you want to start the event and it will begin shortly after.

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After the event begins, you will be tasked with defending the three stills on the property. These stills are located next to the greenhouse, in the field, and by the barn. The more stills that survive the event, the better your rewards will be. You will have to deal with four waves of Gulpers and Ghouls that will attack the stills. You will also need to light the Jamboree Bonfire for the event. This is located outside the house in the back of a red pickup truck.

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The other objective you will need to accomplish during the jamboree is collecting Gulper Venom. Each time you kill a Gulper, make sure to search it for venom. It is easier to kill the Gulpers within the vicinity of the stills to make collecting the venom easier. You and your teammates will need to collect at least 30 Gulper Venom before the event ends. If you want to get a better reward, you can collect 60 Gulper Venom. Once you have the Gulper Venom, go inside the house and place the venom in the bathtub. Once you have at least 30 Gulper Venom, you can focus on the stills. Keep defending the stills until the timer runs out to complete the event.