All Mythics in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5



Image via Epic Games

Mythics return in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, and no doubt you want to know where to get them. In this guide, we will be keeping track of them all, including any that Epic decides to add to the game later in the season.

As always, Mythics weapons hit hard, while the items will allow you to do things like reposition quickly, or give you a sneaky way to reach the top of a building.

Amblan Sniper Rifle

The Amblan Sniper Rifle delivers killing blows with ease and has a scope that makes it incredibly easy to track down potential targets. You can get this off the Mandalorian at the site of the Razor Crest in the desert surrounding the Zero Point. Be warned though, Mando isn’t just going to let you take it, so be sure you loot up before going after one the universe’s most feared bounty hunters.

Mandalorian’s Jetpack

You can also get Mandalorian’s Jetpack if you defeat him, giving you enhance manouverability and an easy way to outposition enemies. It also looks cool as hell.

Ruckus’s Mythic Assault Rifle

If you make your way to Hydro 16, you will find Ruckus. He has a huge amount of shields, although a fairly normal health bar. Make sure you loot up fully before you go after him. His Mythic Assault Rifle does huge damage, so you will want full health and shields before you take him on, and any extras you can find lying around. One shot to the body and one to the head will kill you if you don’t have shields, so the fight won’t last long if you get careless.

We will add more Mythic weapons and items to this list as we find them.