All Navia Travel Log locations in Tower of Fantasy

Go get them all.

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Travel logs are scenic viewpoint locations that are spread across the world of Tower of Fantasy. Each map region houses a certain amount of these viewpoints, and players must find those to claim some Dark Crystals and exploration points. This guide will tell you all the Navia Travel Log locations in Tower of Fantasy.

Travel Logs in Navia

There are four Travel Logs that you can discover in Navia, and each one of those logs rewards you will 20 Dark Crystals and 20 Navia Exploration Points. Finding the locations for these Travel Logs can be a little tricky, but with some help, you will easily be able to find them. Below are the locations for all Navia Travel Logs in Tower of Fantasy.

Seventh Day Foreset Travel Log location

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The location for the first travel log is north of the Seventh Day Foreset spaceship. You will need to climb some challenging hills to reach the location, and the best way up there is from the spaceship. Once you are near the location, look for a round-looking tower, and climb to the top. Here you will spot Seventh Day Forest Travel Log.

Cetus Island Travel Log location

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You can find the location for this travel log northwest of the Seventh Day Forest Log. Look for a small stronghold there, and just behind that stronghold, at the edge of the cliff, you will see the Cetus Island Travel Log.

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The Selga Travel Log location

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This travel log is west of a spaceship that is south of Navia’s river. The spaceship is easy to spot, and you wouldn’t miss it. First, head to that spaceship, and from there on, go west by the edge of the cliff. On your way, you will see a bunch of enemies with a truck, and right beside them, on the edge of the cliff facing the river, you will see the Selga Travel Log.

Raincaller Island Travel Log location

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For this last travel log, head to the hill north of Banges Ominum Tower. There will be more than one hill there, and the one with the travel log is northeast of a supply pod. Climb to the very top, and look around a little until you see the Raincaller Island Travel Log.

These are all four locations for the Travel Logs in Navia. To claim the rewards for collecting these viewpoints, head to the Terminal from the pause menu and select Chronicles. From here, you can just click on collect to get the rewards for each Travel Log.