All new Dragons in TFT Set 7.5, explained

Nomsy has main character energy.

Images via Riot Games

Dragons have been the heart of Set 7, and in Set 7.5 of Teamfight Tactics, that will be no different. If anything, the dragons will only get stronger. Prepare for five new scaled, legendary dragons to join the game and make or break entire team comps. Whether you’re excited by the new tank options or Nomsy’s new role, there’s a dragon for most any build now in TFT.

Nomsy: The Prodigy Dragon

Nomsy used to be the champion of the Trainer trait, but now it’s all about Nomsy’s own power. In Set 7.5, she’s got her own trait called Prodigy. Instead of having one main trait (Ragewing, Guild, Lagoon, etc.) she will take a random trait in each new game. Then, when she’s on the board, she’ll summon different, random trainer units (Heimerdinger, Tristana, or Lulu) to aid in the fight. Nomsy costs six gold and is the dragon equivalent of a 3-cost unit.

Zippy: The Guild Dragon

Like Nomsy, Zippy is another 6-cost dragon. He is a new member of the Guild trait, a tankier dragon to add to guild builds. Zippy’s buff is that he gets +10 Armor and Magic Resist if there’s at least one Guild on the board. With his triple-trait alongside all other guild members (totaling seven), Zippy will get 220% of that buff.

Sohm: The Lagoon Dragon

Adding an official mage dragon to the roster, this is the only new dragon with three traits. Sohm is mainly a Lagoon unit, but they also count as a Mage, letting you combine new and frightening magic-caster builds. After all, Lagoon is a great way to go if you want magic and attack speed. If you’re interested in adding Sohm to your board, they cost seven gold and (probability-wise) are the equivalent of a 4-cost unit.

Dragon Tyrant Swain: The Darkflight Dragon

There’s no accidentally mistaking Swain for a Dragon anymore; he’s become a full-fledged Dragon unit in Set 7.5. Unlike in Set 7, Swain will no longer transform as he’s no longer a Shapeshifter. Instead, he will stay in his dragon form the whole time. As a Darkflight, Swain will get an impressive amount of bonus health with only one other Darkflight on the board. With Rengar and Aphelios as Darkflight units, Swain could be a great front-liner for Assassin or cannoneer builds. Swain costs seven gold.

Terra: The Monolith Dragon

On the same cost level as Shyvana, Aurelion Sol, and Ao Shin (eight gold), Terra is the newest colossal Dragon. However, Terra is in a class of her own, with her own specific trait and everything. As a Monolith, she places hexes on the ground that give 15% damage reduction. She’s a mega tank of a unit, quaking the board based on how much armor and magic resistance she has. So, in a build that doesn’t inherently require a dragon, she can be an earth-shattering, late-game addition to push you towards a win.