All the new traits and units in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 7.5

Dragons have never been so adventurous.

Image via Riot Games

For Teamfight Tactics (TFT) fans, mid-season refresh sets are a thrilling way to change up gameplay. This time, Set 7’s Dragonlands has evolved into Set 7.5, Uncharted Realms. With more new traits and more dragons than ever, jump headfirst into this new set. Just let us give you a quick heads up on all the new units you can play with in Set 7.5 first.

What are the new TFT Set 7.5 traits?


Darkflight is a mix between Set 7’s Legend trait and Set 5’s Coven and Abomination traits. You sacrifice one unit in the center of the Darkflight hex at the beginning of the round. Then, the items on that unit will be randomly assigned to each Darkflight unit on your board. Your Darkflight units will also get bonus health. The Darkflight units include Aphelios, Rell, Rengar, and Dragon Tyrant Swain.

  • 2 Darkflight = 600 bonus health
  • 4 Darkflight = 800 bonus health
  • 6 Darkflight = 1000 bonus health
  • 8 Darkflight = 1800 bonus health


This aquatic group is a unique mix of speed and magic. While you have at least Lagoon units on your board, a seastone also appears and grants loot. The more your Lagoon units cast, the better. In this trait group are units like Malphite, Taliyah, Kai’Sa, Zac, Zeri, Seraphine, Nilah, and Sohm.

  • 3 Lagoon = 15 ability power and 15% attack speed
  • 6 Lagoon = 35 ability power and 34% attack speed
  • 3 Lagoon = 65 ability power and 64% attack speed
  • 3 Lagoon = 200 ability power and 200% attack speed


The new high-cost dragon, Terra, comes with the Monolith trait. This drake creates three hexes on the battlefield. Units standing in said hex when the round starts are cursed with 15% damage reduction.


Replacing the Trainer trait, Nomsy is now their own unit. To start, she gets a random trait in each game. She also summons a random previous trainer (Heimerdinger, Lulu, Tristana) to aid her in battle, also giving them the same trait as her. The Trainer’s ability is the same as Nomsy. If Nomsy dies before the Trainer in battle, the Trainer gets 100% attack speed.

What are the new TFT Set 7.5 units?

With over twenty new units, you’ll want to get creative with the fresh ways to mix and match Set 7.5 builds. There are even five new dragons to enjoy, so experiment around to find your new favorite teams.


  • Malphite (Lagoon Bruiser)
  • Nasus (Shimmerscale Guardian)
  • Taliyah (Lagoon Mage)
  • Wukong (Jade Warrior)


  • Aphelios (Darkflight Cannoneer)
  • Jax (Jade Shimmerscale Bruiser)
  • Kai’Sa (Lagoon Dragonmancer)
  • Lux (Astral Mage)
  • Rell (Darkflight Cavalier)
  • Zac (Lagoon Guardian)
  • Zyra (Whispers Evoker)


  • Rakan (Ragewing Guardian Mystic)
  • Rengar (Darkflight Assassin)
  • Seraphine (Lagoon Evoker Mystic)
  • Zeri (Lagoon Cannoneer)


  • Graves (Tempest Cannoneer)
  • Jayce (Guild Shapeshifter)
  • Nilah (Lagoon Assassin)
  • Pantheon (Whispers Warrior)


  • Nomsy (Prodigy Dragon)
  • Zippy (Guild Dragon)


  • Dragon Tyrant Swain (Darkflight Dragon)
  • Sohm (Lagoon Dragon)


  • Terra (Monolith Dragon)