All new Dungeons and Raids coming in Lost Ark’s June and July updates

A whole new catalog of PvE content is on the way.

Image via Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark has a ton of dungeons and raid content for players to enjoy once they hit the endgame, and this catalog of boss-slaying, mob-killing goodness grows more and more as each month passes. For June and July, the number of Dungeons and Raids is going up, with a ton of new challenges on the way. These challenges range from solo content to group content, so there’s plenty for players to participate in.

In the June and July roadmap, Smilegate RPG detailed all of the new dungeons and raid content coming to the game. The new PvE content includes a new Legion Raid, a new Guardian Raid, a new solo dungeon experience, and remixes on existing dungeon content. All of these new dungeons also give out tons of rewards for players to enjoy, so it’s important to be aware of everything new coming to the game.

Legion Raid – Vykas

Image via Smilegate RPG

Vykas is the newest Legion Raid coming to Lost Ark and will be available for players who are Item Level 1430 for Normal Mode and 1460 for Hard Mode. Valtan introduced a new form of group content in the game, one that requires an extensive amount of teamwork (even more than Abyss Dungeons and Abyss Raids.)

Like Valtan, there will be gates and checkpoints featuring different bosses, but the big baddie will be Vakas. We’ll cover what you need to know about Vykas when she’s released.

Guardian Raid – Kungelanium

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Guardian Raids are daily content that pits you and up to three others against a mighty boss. Some of these Raids are difficult, but they give important daily rewards like Honor Leapstones, Destruction and Guardian Stones, and Accessories.

The next Guardian Raid coming to the game is Kungelanium, the second Level 6 Guardian Raid following Deskaluda. Kungelanium will be open to players who are Item Level 1460 and above.


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The Tower is a solo dungeon instance designed for players at a certain item level that gives out tons of great rewards. The Tower is a series of dungeons that each has 50 floors. Each floor has an individual challenge, and it can be difficult to clear one Tower dungeon.

The next Tower dungeon is Thronespire, which is designed for players who are Item Level 1325 and above. Unlike the other Tower dungeons, you only need to conquer the first 25 floors for rewards, while the other floors will focus on prestige and completion times.

Existing reworks

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Valtan will receive a new “Inferno” difficulty. Unlike the other difficulties, you will not receive any rewards in the form of materials to ascend your gear. Instead, you’ll get titles and achievements to showcase your skills in taking down Valtan.

Scale of Balance will be applied which adjusts everyone’s item level to an equal level. Inferno mode will also not count towards your Weekly Limit. As it’s just a challenge, you can choose to do Valtan whenever.

Abyss Dungeons will also receive “Challenge” modes. Challenge Guardian Raids applied Scale of Harmony on old Guardian Raids to equalize your power level against the bosses, and these Challenge Abyssal Dungeons will do the same thing.