All new Legend skins in the Monsters Within event for Apex Legends

Embrace your inner monster,

Monsters Within Legend skins

Image via Respawn

The Halloween season is here, and the newest Halloween event from Apex Legends, Monsters Within, brings some new monster-themed Legend skins to the game. While this event also has some returning skins from previous Halloween events, this article will focus on the new skins being added to the game. Most of them are a part of the 40-piece Monsters Within event cosmetics set, while one of them (Loba’s) is from the week 3 Prize Tracker. Let’s take a look.

Monsters Within Legend Skins

Monsters Within is not a collection event. These skins are from a 40-piece collection that includes Rare, Epic, and Legendary cosmetics. They are available in Monsters Within Packs, Apex Packs via crafting, and available to craft year-round (except Loba’s skin). These skins are all from the actual Monsters Within Event.

Hunter Within (Legendary Bloodhound skin)

Hunter Within
Screenshot by Gamepur

Necro Nightmare (Legendary Revenant skin)

Necro Nightmare
Screenshot by Gamepur

Out For Blood (Legendary Seer skin)

Out For Blood
Screenshot by Gamepur

Synthesis Chamber (Legendary Caustic skin)

Synthesis Chamber
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cold Sweats (Epic Wraith skin)

Cold Sweats
Screenshot by Gamepur

Cosmic Hitchhiker (Epic Horizon skin)

Cosmic Hitchhiker
Screenshot by Gamepur

Spatial Anomaly (Epic Valkyrie skin)

Spatial Anomaly
Screenshot by Gamepur

Toxic Touch (Epic Gibraltar skin)

Toxic Touch
Screenshot by Gamepur

Victorian Vixen (Epic Loba skin)

Victorian Vixen
Image via Shrugtal

Other Legend Skins

This time, there is only one new Legend skin that isn’t directly part of the Monsters Within event. This skin is for Octane and is part of the Dia De Los Muertos Sale running from October 26 to November 2.

Muerte Rapida (Epic Octane skin)

Muerte Rapida
Image via Respawn