All New Perspectives intel mission locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

A new week of intel missions have arrived.

Image via Activision

A new week of intel missions have arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone. This week’s intel mission is called New Perspectives, and it features five differnet locations you need to visit on behalf of Ghost. These locations are scattered all over the Verdansk map, and you need to unlock them on a new Warzone match. You cannot do it all in one go.

The other intel missions include Fractured, Hunting the Enemy, and Hidden Cargo. If you have problems with a bugged or stuck intel mission, we know of one way to fix it.

Objective 1

The first piece of intel is on the northwest portion of the map, at the military base. You can find it across the way from the abandoned radio tower, in the military exercise building. It’s on the sidewall, so you need to climb the boxes to reach it.

Objective 2

The second intel location will want you to return to the same site, except you need to go to the radio tower near the first intel location. Land nearby it and go to the top of the tower. It will be a pile of papers on the floor.

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Objective 3

The third objective requires you to visit a new portion of the map, to the west of the TV Station, next to the Airport. It’s the building on the right at the below location. You will find the piece of intel on the table in the binder, next to the computer.

Objective 4

The fourth piece of intel is on the western portion of the map, at Boneyard. You want the hanger close to the south part of the location, next to the crashed plane. You will find the intel inside the hanger on the partially open briefcase, right in the middle.

Objective 5

The final piece of intel is in downtown, at a Government building. The entrance of the building should have a blue security checkpoint sign. Proceed to the front of the building, and on the right, you will be a reception area. Leap over the side to reach the computer where you can find the final piece of intel.

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Objective 6

The sixth objective gives you the final total of experience points and provides you with additional information about what to expect from Ghost.