All Hidden Cargo intel mission locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

More intel to learn about in Verdansk.

Image via Activision

Another round of intel missions has arrived to the Call of Duty Warzone map. These next pieces of intel are available to everyone, and there’s one less than the previous missions, Fractured and Hunting the Enemy. You have until the end of Season 4 to complete all of them and figure out the Verdansk map history. These do have the potential to be bugged, though.

Objective 1

The first piece of intel shows a picture over part of the city of Verdansk and doesn’t offer many details about where it could be. You don’t see the white, snowy mountains, so you’re likely facing southeast of the map. Given the direction, you want to go to the top of the train station, where you found the final intel location for the Hunting the Enemy missions. It’s on the roof at the top of the building. You will likely need to land there when you first drop into the map.

Objective 2

The second piece will take you to the southern portion of the Port. You need to go up the second crane near the docks. Make it all way to the top and inside of the crane’s operating station. You should find a small teddy bear next to the piece of intel you need to grab.

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Objective 3

For the third objective, you need to go close to the same location, except it’s more northwest of the second piece of intel. It’s the center of several shipping containers to the right of all of the cranes. Unfortunately, you do need to start a new game before obtaining this piece of intel. You can only grab one piece of intel per Warzone game.

Objective 4

The fourth piece of intel is still inside of pet, to the south part of the map. It’s the large building across the street of the shipping containers. On the ground floor of the building, go to the backroom on the right side of the building and look for a desk with a computer. Approach the computer, and you can grab the next piece of intel.

Objective 5

The final piece of intel pulls you away from Port and takes you to the middle of nowhere. You will find it to the north of the Stadium in the middle of a field, to the east of the TV Station. There are several abandoned buildings there, and you want to go inside the largest one, away from the row of buildings. Proceed up the stairs to the building’s second floor, and turn to the right. There will be an overturned cabinet that, when you approach, will have the final intel piece.

After you complete all five, the sixth objective rewards you a final helping of XP. You can expect more pieces of intel dropping in Call of Duty Warzone in the future.