All New Poke Ball Throwing Styles In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk DLC

With simple donations of Blueberry Points, players can unlock eight new throwing styles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk DLC

Pokeball Throwing Style Animation Indigo Disk

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans might not have thought to wish for the ability to change how their character throws Poke Balls, but we’re getting it. In the Indigo Disk DLC, players can donate BP to unlock new Poke Ball throwing styles to use in battle.

The new throwing styles can be unlocked by donating to the Baseball Club at Blueberry Academy and feature several new animations for how your character throws their Poke Balls during battles. I’d like to see some new animations for how my avatar does the whole Terastallizing thing, too, but I’ll settle for cool and different ways to launch my Pokemon team into battle. You can swap between the different styles you unlock at any time, meaning you don’t have to pick just one of these new Poke Ball throwing animations.

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What Are Poke Ball Throwing Styles?

Poke Ball Throwing Style Indigo Disk
Screenshot by Gamepur

Throwing styles in Indigo Disk are different animations that will play when your character sends Pokemon into battle. Changing your throwing style is a fun way to customize your character and make them feel unique, but it does not have any impact on how your Pokemon perform in battle.

Unfortunately, your custom throwing style will not show up in Tera Raids. You also won’t see it in minor trainer battles with random NPCs, where the animation doesn’t show your character.

How to Unlock Throwing Styles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Indigo Disk DLC

PokeBall Throwing Styles Indigo Disk DLC
Image via The Pokemon Company

You unlock new throwing styles by donating Blueberry Points (BP) to the Baseball Club at Blueberry Academy. Each time you donate, Mitch teaches you a few of the eight new ways to throw your Poke Balls in battle.

You’ll be able to donate to the Baseball Club once you visit the Battle League Club Room for the first time. This feature is unlocked once you battle Carmine in the Central Plaza of the Terrarium. Shortly after you finish your battle, you’ll meet the president of the Battle League, Drayton, and he’ll give you a tour of the League Club Room.

You will need to donate Blueberry Points (BPs) to unlock new throwing styles, so you’ll need to complete plenty of Blueberry Quests if you want to throw them all.

How Many Blueberry Points Do You Need to Unlock New Poke Ball Throwing Styles?

Pokeball Throwing Styles Donation Computer
Screenshot by Gamepur

Two different types of BP donations to the League Club Support Board are required to unlock new throwing styles and to switch up your Poke Ball throwing style. First, you have to donate to the Baseball Club to help Mitch brainstorm new techniques. Then, you’ll donate 10 BP each time you want to change up your style.

Unlocking new styles costs the most Blueberry Points, with the amount increasing as you unlock new sets of styles. They start at 150 BP, then 150 BP again, and finally up to 300 BP.

How to Change Your Poke Ball Throwing Style in The Indigo Disk DLC

Second Donation Pokeball Throwing Styles
Screenshot by Gamepur

Changing your style costs 10 Blueberry Points every time you swap, which you can do an unlimited amount of times so long as you’ve got the BP. This posting on the League Club Support Board is from Mitch, and is labeled “Want to change your throwing style?”

When you select the new throwing style and pay 10 BP, Mitch will teach you a quick preview of the new animation so you can decide if you like your new style while you’re still near the computer and can switch it up.

Poke Ball Throwing Styles Available After First Donation

First Pokeball Donation Indigo Disk
Screenshot by Gamepur

You’ll unlock new throwing styles right away when you make your first donation to the Baseball Club as part of Drayton’s tutorial on using the computer to donate Blueberry Points. He gives you 200 BP, so you can make that 150 BP donation immediately. Once you’ve done this, you’ll unlock all the other clubs you can support, as well as the ability to change your throwing style to any of the following (for 10 BP, of course).

  • Left-Handed Poke Ball Throwing Style
  • Reverent Poke Ball Throwing Style
  • Dainty Poke Ball Throwing Style
  • Smug Poke Ball Throwing Style
  • Elegant Poke Ball Throwing Style

Poke Ball Throwing Styles Available After Additional Donations

Galarian Star Throwing Style Indigo Disk
Screenshot by Gamepur

The second donation to unlock more throwing styles costs another 150 BP and will unlock the following styles:

  • Twirling Poke Ball Throwing Style
  • Ninja Poke Ball Throwing Style

The last style you can unlock is a pricey one at 300 BP, and it’s modeled after a real champion. Fittingly enough, this final style is called the Galarian Star Style. Once you’ve unlocked all of the new Poke Ball throwing styles available in Indigo Disk, the option to donate to the Baseball Club will be limited to changing up your throwing style.