How to Get Metal Alloy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

The Metal Alloy is a unique evolution item you need to track down in The Indigo Disk, and this guide shows you where to find it.

How to get Metal Alloy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk

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There are numerous items for you to grab as you playthrough Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Indigo Disk. One evolution item you need to hunt down is called Metal Alloy, and it’s important for one of the new Pokemon arriving in the DLC to evolve into its final form.

You’re going to find Metal Alloy in a specific location, and tracking it down could take a bit of time. Thankfully, we’ve been able to narrow down the exact place you need to go, so you can go straight there and get it yourself. However, it might take you a bit of time if you don’t have any reserved resources. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Metal Alloy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Indigo Disk.

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Where to Find Metal Alloy in The Indigo Disk

Metal Alloy in the Blueberry Academy School Store in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Indigo Disk DLC.
Screenshot by Gamepur

The quickest and easiest way to get Metal Alloy is by visiting the School Store in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Indigo Disk. Here, you’ll find it in the shop inventory, and it will cost 300 BP for you to buy, which means you need to earn these points by making your way around Blueberry Academy.

The way you get BP, also known as Blueberry Points, are what you get for completing Blueberry quests after you finish the first class in The Indigo Disk. You will have to work your way through the main story of The Indigo Disk to begin unlocking it, which means you’re better off going through the various classes and tests presented to you at the Blueberry Academy.

It might take you a bit of time to get through this, and I’ve been struggling with some of the battles presented in the main story. They’re not entirely challenging, but they’re putting me to the test, making sure I’m ready to tackle further challenges that The Indigo Disk has waiting for me. Needless to say, gathering up 300 BP will take you a bit of time, but it’s all about story progression and exploring the new region.

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You may want to grab some of the other items on this vendor, such as the Electirizer or the Magmarizer, for some of the other Pokemon you’ll discover in The Indigo Disk. There are multiple evolution items that did not come in the base game, and we’re excited to see them all in the same place at the School Store at Blueberry Academy in Pokemon S&V’s The Indigo Disk.

Other Ways to Get Metal Alloy

Other than at purchasing one at the School Store, there are three other ways you can obtain Metal Alloy: from the Item Printer, as a Pokedex reward, and as an item you can pick up in the wild. Note that all the ways to get Metal Alloy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet require you to have access to the Blueberry Academy in The Indigo Disk DLC.

If you have access to the Item Printer in the League Club Room, you can get Metal Alloy along with other evolution items as a random drop. You simply need to dump some unwanted materials and spend a little BP for the printer to spit out a random assortment of items, potentially including Metal Alloy. If you don’t yet have the Item Printer, you can get it by donating 200 BP to the Science Club at the League Club Room’s PC.

If you’re close to finishing your Blueberry Pokedex in the Indigo Disk, you’ll also get a Metal Alloy for registering 190 Pokemon in your Pokedex. That’s no easy feat, and you’ll probably be at it for awhile, but it’s the most passive way to obtain Metal Alloy if you don’t need it straight away.

If you’re averse to spending BP (understandable), you can simply pick up a Metal Alloy off the ground in the Chargestone Cavern. It’ll appear as a yellow Poke Ball item, and you’ll find it along the upper levels of the cavern from the Polar Biome entrance.

Which Pokemon Evolves With Metal Alloy?

Metal Alloy is a new evolutionary item in Pokemon that is used specifically to evolve Duraludon. When exposed to Metal Alloy, Duraludon will evolve into Archaludon—an evolution newly introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC. Archaludon retains Duraludon’s Steel and Dragon typing, but becomes more bridge-like in appearance and gains a signature move: Electro Shot.

To evolve Duraludon into Archaludon, all you need to do is open up your bag from the main menu, tab over to “Other Items,” then select Metal Alloy and use the item on any Duraludon that’s currently sitting in your party. Duraludon will evolve at any level and there are no special requirements other than using the Metal Alloy.

Where to Catch Duraludon in The Indigo Disk DLC

You’ll find Duraludon all throughout the Polar Biome in Blueberry Academy’s Terarium. Duraludon is pretty common and shouldn’t be too hard to find if you’re exploring the southern half of the Polar Biome’s many icy cliffs. We ran into several Duraludon almost immediately when approaching the Polar Biome from the east through the Coastal Biome. You’ll be able to evolve Duraludon immediately after catching it, provided you have the Metal Alloy to do so.