All new skins in Dead By Daylight Project W – Carlos, Sheva, Hunk, and more

Add more Resident Evil characters to your roster through outfits.

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The arrival of Dead by Daylight’s Project W Chapter adds Albert Wesker as The Mastermind, Rebecca Chambers, and Ada Wong to the game. You will be able to play as these characters if you purchase the optional chapter, but there are also a handful of new skins for characters that you can unlock in the store. This guide covers all skins you can grab these new skins in Dead by Daylight’s Project W update.

All skins in Project W in Dead by Daylight

All of these items are available in the in-game store. They are a separate purchase from the Project W chapter purchase.

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Ada Wong

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ada Wong receives a skin called Undercover Espionage, where she is wearing a larger overcoat and has a pair of sunglasses, attempting to hide her identity.

Feng Min

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Feng Min is looking to copy Jill Valentine’s new outfit and has decided to join the Trial looking like Jill in her S.T.A.R.S Uniform.

Jill Valentine

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Jill Valentine Survivor has two outfits added for this update. The first is her S.T.A.R.S uniform, giving her a more military outfit.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second is of another character from the Resident Evil Franchise, and it’s of Shiva, who was in Resident Evil 5.

Leon Kennedy

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The Survivor Leon Kennedy also has two added outfits for the Project W chapter update. The first features him in a Detective Outfit, a bonus outfit he could wear in Resident Evil 2.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second is of another Resident Evil character, Carlos Oliveira. He appears in Resident Evil 3.

Rebecca Chambers

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Rebecca Chambers is the newest Survivor to arrive in the Project W chapter, and she has a Cowgirl Outfit. This was an unlockable outfit from the original Resident Evil remake from 2002.

The Legion

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Legion will receive the Hunk outfit. This name was a codename for an Umbrella Security Service operator and was featured throughout the Resident Evil franchise, typically as a background character. The real name of this character is never revealed.

The Mastermind

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Finally, the major villain of the Project W update, The Mastermind, gives Albert Wesker his S.T.A.R.S outfit. It was a uniform he wore in the original Resident Evil game when he was the protagonist for the team before it was revealed he was the major villain and had been working with Umbrella.