All New Threats intel mission locations in Call of Duty Warzone

A new drop of intel has arrived to the Warzone.

Image via Activision

A new series of intel mission locations are available in Call of Duty Warzone called New Threats. It starts out with Ghost providing you an image of a location from somewhere on the Verdansk map, and you have to find each piece of new intel. You can only complete an intel piece following each Warzone match. You cannot complete them in the same match, so once you have a piece of intel, return to the main menu and check what update Ghost has for you.

All New Threat intel mission locations

We’ll be updating these throughout the day as we complete the mission tasks and find the new locations.

Objective 1

The first objective shows you a picture of a farmstead. There are not many locations like this in Verdansk, which narrows it down considerably. The exact location for the first piece of intel is closer to the southern portion of the map, over by the farmland. You can find it right in front of the large grain house, east from the Stadium. It’ll be outside, next to a bale of hale.

Objective 2

The next piece of intel is a little bit more fogging. All we have to go on is “3-1 left us something. Campsite east of stadium.” The piece of intel doesn’t tell us how far east, unfortunately. When we did find it, the actual location is a bit more northeast than true east. You need to go to the hill to the east of Stadium, and find the vantage point where you can see both it and the bunker to the north.

Objective 3

The third objective provides us an image of Perseus, and Z, detailing the pair of them wanted more power. The information on the sheet of paper gives us a better idea of where we need to go for the next piece of intel, which is to the Dam on the north portion of the map. You can find it inside the building below the top, in the back area on the first floor on a desk covered in papers.

Objective 4

The fourth piece of intel is extremely obtuse. It’s a drawing of what looks like a tower, with some lines in the middle. For those with a keen eyes may notice its the monument at the very edge of the map, to the south of the park. You can find it right at the front of the monument, on the sign.

Objective 5

The fifth intel piece is right next to the monument from the previous objective. It’s to the right, inside the small building, and you can find it right on the television. There’s nothing special you have to do for this objective, despite it saying you need to wait for an EMP and for the back-up power to come back.

Objective 6

This final intel location is nearby where you located intel pieces four and five. However, it’s inside the bunker, notably bunker 10. It’s to the southeast of the previous location. To reach inside, rush down the hall, and then you need a passcode to get inside. The code is 60 27 45 13. Once you hit the code, proceed inside and grab the final objective that you can find in the back.