All NPC and character locations in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

They are back, but different.

Lara Croft

Image via Hypex.

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NPCs have made a return to Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, and you can once again find them spread all over the map. Tracking them all down is an important part of the game for many players out there. In this guide, we will be keeping a live list of all NPC locations, including any that are added to the game over the course of the season.

Just like last season, each NPC offers players a specific set of services, and you interact with them using Gold, just like the previous seasons. The NPCs also seem to give your free items when you find them, such as weapons, shield potions, or health packs.

We will be keeping this list updated throughout the day as we find more of the NPCs and their various locations around the map. This might take some time, as there are 46 NPCs in total, and the map is pretty big.

All NPC Locations Chapter 2 Season 6

NumberNPC NameLocation 1Location 2
1BandoletteFlushed Factory
2GutbombThe Durr Burger Restaraunt
3Big ChuggusShanty Town
4BlazeTimber TentPristine Point
5TessDirty Docks
6Bunker JonesyShipwreck Cove, southeast of Catty CornerSouth of Lockie Lighthouse
7BurnoutSteamy Stacks Petrol Station
8BushrangerIn the trees to the southwest of Pleasant Park
9ColeSteamy Stacks (southwest of it)
10Deafirenorthwest of Lazy Lake
11DummyCompact CarsNorth of Pleasant Park
12Farmer SteelSteel Farm
13KyleStumpy Ridge
14Snow SniperEast of Retail Row
15RagnarokViking Vessel
16RemedyCraggy Cliffs
18SplodeUnremarkable Shack
19The ReaperFancy View
20CrustinaThe Pizza Pit
21TriggerfishCrashed Cargo
22TurkGreen Steel Bridge
23CluckPrimal Pond
24Rebirth RavenSweaty Sands
25TaranaBoney Bards
26RazColossal Crops
27Lara CroftStealthy Stronghold
28ShadeWest of Sweaty Sands
29JulesCamp Cod
30RexDusted Depot
31CabbieLazy Lake
32Wreck RaiderCoral Castle
33Suntan SpecialistSweaty Sands
34Castaway JonseySteamy Stacks (small island off the coast)
35Slurp JonesySlurpy Swamp
36Grill SergeantDurr Burger Food Truck
37Jonesy The FirstPleasant Park
38Sash SeargeantWeeping Woods
39RaptorCrash Site
40BlackheartViking Vessel
41JekyllSteamy Stacks (the pool room)
42Power ChordApres Ski
43Stage SlayerFN Radio
44WillowWeeping Woods
45CobbRisky Reels
46ZenithAt the weather station

This guide is under construction.